The Rise of Lifestreaming

What is lifestreaming?

Your online footprint reaches out further than you may think. Our dependence on the internet has grown considerably in our personal and professional lives and almost everything is now able to be documented online.

Lifestreaming is a term used to describe the digital documentation of a person’s life in chronological order.

The concept was first introduced in 1996 by Eric Freeman and David Gelertner of Yale University who described it as “a diary of your electronic life.”

It begins with a tail, which documents your past and can start with an electronic birth certificate. The present-day documents include email, blog posts and pictures. Finally, future documents include do-to lists, goals and diary planners.

The increased use and functionality of mobile internet devices have meant that lifestreaming is steadily gaining popularity, and a rich lifestream can now more easily be created.

Why Lifestream?

Lifesteaming enables you to build a wealth of information gathered through your online presence. It can log activities you’ve taken part in, services you’ve used and places you’ve visited, providing value to others through your own experiences and recommendations.

Whilst lifestreaming is a great tool for documenting past activities, it is increasingly being used for current activities.

Lifestreaming allows you to build and to manage your online identity. Between your emails, blog posts, bookmarks, photos and other social media interactions, your digital reach is likely to be far and wide. Lifestreaming allows you to see all of your activity in one centralised location and allows updates to be posted, often through an RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed - the web standard for the delivery of content.

Lifestreaming tools are available which essentially provide a centralised way of updating your social media accounts.

Social Media Marketing

The natural next step for lifestreaming is to use it as a tool to promote your website, blog or business, saving time on the promotion of your content marketing efforts and ensuring your social media marketing can more easily be managed and shared. Incidentally, these services also happen to be something of a speciality of ours. Let us show you why.

Because lifestreaming combines all forms of your digital presence in one place, it enables the effective management of any social media marketing carried out over all platforms.

There are many applications now available that can provide the tools to assist with the management of a lifestream from any location, saving time and maximising your efficiency.

With its increasing popularity, awareness has also grown in the web design world, with the building of custom lifestreaming websites being a common request. Web designers also typically have their own lifestreams, enabling them to showcase their work and provide live updates to interested parties.

Whether you are going to put together a lifestream for yourself or for your business, it is a brilliantly efficient way to manage your online footprint. It can provide a detailed look-through into your past and present and help focus your goals and activities for the future. Further, it can provide your desired audience detailed information on your business, without tying up too much of your valuable time. To get started, see how we can help you with all of your digital marketing needs here at MintTwist.


Published by

Alexis Pratsides