Pets. Humans. Who rules the roost?

Trusted Pals lets dogs and cats take the lead, to show humans how pet insurance should be done.

We worked with Marsh, a global leader in insurance broking, to develop the brand, tone of voice, and digital presence for the experience—one of its first direct-to-consumer propositions in the US.

Crafted from scratch (pun intended)

Our client wanted to do something really different in the world of insurance. So we started thinking that pets, being pets, would rather focus on walks and treats than forms or contracts.

Which led us to create a brand aimed at those who really matter: the cats and dogs themselves.

But we set careful rules in a detailed set of brand guidelines and tone of voice guide to make sure things didn’t end up feeling ‘cutesy’. It’s a brand with teeth (claws, and a tail).

Case study image for Trusted Pals

Beyond insurance

Trusted Pals protects pets, but it’s far more than a simple insurance product. Because that’s of little interest to the key audience.

We created a whole ecosystem of support for pets and their humans, by mapping out a ‘must-have’ list for them, and bringing it to life.

And we included some helpful bits for their humans too, such as a lost pet finder. Just in case their buddies ever decide to go for long walks by themselves.

Case study image for Trusted Pals

Looking after every hair

Led by the brand development work, we also created a website, Pawtal, brochures, designed the Trusted Pals office along the way—and far more, putting pets first at every step.

And finally, we turned our hand (paw?) to creating a series of shareable social media videos to show off all the brand’s new tricks.