The mission

The restaurant’s communal seating and open kitchen layout create a lively and social atmosphere, while their commitment to using fresh ingredients and creating dishes from scratch ensures a high level of quality and taste.

Wagamama’s popularity has made it a staple in the global food scene, loved by both locals and visitors alike.

MintTwist was tasked with helping Wagamama improve the performance of their paid search activity across both Google and Bing, while the campaigns were previously driving great results, our team found tactics to turbo-charge the activity.

Research and Planning

We started our relationship with Wagamama by conducting an initial audit on their existing activity, while the account was performing well, our analysis showed areas in which we could improve ROI and the overall performance of the account.

We restructured existing paid search activity while making changes to bid strategies and campaign settings. We also conducted a thorough search term report analysis and added any irrelevant terms as negatives.

Working with the Wagamama team, a media plan was created on how we should split budgets between campaigns across both Google and Bing.

Our team also worked with the Wagamama team to add some additional tracking across third-party providers such as Deliveroo to ensure we were attributing conversions and revenue correctly.

Case study image for Wagamama PPC


Our continuous focus is to improve the ROI of the paid search activity. The team is making ongoing optimisations to improve the effectiveness of each campaign specficially, taking into account shifts in the market and seasonality.

Case study image for Wagamama PPC


The goal was to make the campaigns as effective and efficient as possible based on our agreed objectives.

The results were as follows when comparing the 5-month period before vs during:

  • Improved ROI from paid search activity from 153% to over 1000%
  • Reduced cost per conversion by 33%
  • Increased conversion rate by 30%
  • Kept budget and CPCs consistent throughout this improvement

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