Challenges easily met

Tavistock embarked on a pitch process to find an agency with whom they could build a relationship, and ultimately collaborate with to launch a brand new site in early 2022.

In a situation known by similar organizations, the site at the time had seen many amendments over the years, with differing page templates and a mobile experience that left much to be desired.

MintTwist were asked to rationalize the user experience into a new series of templates designed to fully represent both the therapy and educational side of the organization, and the two largely separate use cases that go with them.

The team at MintTwist were keen to work closely with the parties at Tavistock to ensure that the needs were met for all parts of the organization; the website needed to work effectively for many different departments and facets of the business and speak in a sensitive and creative way to the various audiences. This presented unique challenges for rationalizing multiple user journeys into a cohesive and holistic user experience.

Compassion and sensitivity throughout the design

As an organization that deals with individuals and couples who may be going through a difficult time in their lives, it was incredibly important that the creative is compassionate and sensitive to the needs of the diverse audiences.

We concentrated on ensuring the user journeys are short but informative by interconnecting all of the different types of content with easy-to-find calls to action and a navigation system that prioritizes the logical flow of information. This means that the right information is always at hand, and the user’s journey doesn’t end abruptly with nothing to engage with.

Case study image for Tavistock Relationships

And so...

The end product is a site that is much easier to use and navigate. We worked closely with Tavistock to ensure all the needs of their internal departments are met, as well as those of the diverse audiences. We continue to work with Tavistock to provide visual updates, as well as user experience checks and fixes.

Case study image for Tavistock Relationships
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