The challenge of a wholly new brand meets MintTwist’s expertise for a though-provoking new website design

Time constraints, lack of an established brand system and all-new content is no match for the creative and technical teams at MintTwist

MintTwist were asked to design a new website for the series featuring heavy use of images and video, with plenty of information for the series viewers to hype them up prelaunch, as well as all the info they need after the series goes live on Sky Sports.

With a quick turnaround time and a lot of considerations and challenges around GDPR, and a limited but strict brand guide, we needed to take a lot into account during the planning stage.

To overcome some of these challenges, we started rapid prototyping early on, which allowed us to iterate the finer details of the work throughout the creative stage of the project.

Rapid iteration was the key to our success

Using the tools we have to hand, we are able to spin up creative work very quickly, taking into account accessible web standards and paradigms users will understand, whilst using the established brand to think creatively about the solutions we need to provide for the challenges Golf’s Greatest Holes presented to us.

Rapid prototyping at the design and planning stages also allows us to spend a little more time on creative solutions to the unique challenges of the project.

We worked collaboratively with the marketing, production and presenting teams behind the show to ensure the feel of the brand and the message of the show itself was coming through in our work.

Case study image for Golf’s Greatest Holes

Pain-free launch

The website went live without a hitch and continues to work hard for the series, which already has a greenlight for a second series. We greatly enjoyed working on this and, with our continuing relationship with Golf’s Greatest Holes we’re looking forward to future updates.

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