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Creating a modern look and strategy to drive Fastlane into the digital age.

The mission

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A new paint job

We started by redesigning the existing website.

Modernising the digital design, improving the user interface and clear calls to actions allow Fastlane’s key messages of prestige, quality and excellent customer service to shine through.

A key objective was to simplify the quotation form to encourage more enquiries.

For an owner of a prestige car, any damage can be devastating and worrying. A simple, easy form allows potential customers to enter information quickly – and enough information for Fastlane to respond with a quote and provide peace of mind.

Driving website traffic

The new website provided the perfect starting point for a dedicated SEO strategy. Our digital marketing team worked with Fastlane’s team to determine the keywords that would create more valuable traffic to the website. We also manage a number of PPC campaigns.

The strategy has already delivered a number of benefits to Fastlane:
•    organic traffic by 20%
•    average time spent on the website by 19%
•    pages per visit by 5%

Going mobile

Many customers phone or email Fastlane minutes after they are in an accident. As well as being able to search for a reliable prestige car repair shop online, Fastlane also recognised the benefit of a mobile-friendly version of the website. This version of the website allows users to call for assistance quickly by tapping the number, as well as sending key information to get a quote and pick-up as soon as possible.

Complete car app for iPhone and Android

We designed and developed this app for Fastlane to provide drivers with a quicker and more convenient way of recording accident details.

Users can capture details of the accident, e.g. the other party’s details, damage to the car and send this information to Fastlane. They can also enter their location using the geo-location function.