The mission

The objectives of the campaign were to enhance brand awareness for Italy as a tourist destination and promote within the UK market. The campaign sought to boost website clicks and reach’s target audience in order to increase awareness of the many opportunities available for travel to Italy. By creating a strong presence for the brand, the campaign aimed to generate interest among potential travelers and encourage them to explore the diverse attractions, culture, and experiences that Italy had to offer.


The campaign strategy aimed to effectively target diverse audiences and age groups through a meticulously planned media campaign. To maintain a strong brand presence, the campaign was designed to leverage the key channels of Google/Bing Search, Meta, and StackAdapt. Extensive market research was conducted to gain insights into Italy’s unique tourism offerings, which then informed the creation of thoughtful and impactful Paid Media campaigns. Through these efforts and utilising previous campaign data, the campaign plan was created with the aim of maximising reach and engagement, and driving growth in Italy’s tourism industry.

Case study image for ENIT PPC


The goal was to make the campaigns as effective and efficient as possible based on our agreed objectives.

Throughout the campaign period, ongoing optimisations were conducted to ensure optimal performance and to reach the campaign objectives. These optimisations included the analysis of search query reports to identify and refine keywords, as well as the adjustment of bid strategies to improve ad placement and visibility. Additionally, audience and budget adjustments were made to redirect resources towards the best-performing channels and campaigns. This allowed for a more strategic allocation of resources, maximizing the effectiveness of the campaign while minimizing wasted ad spend. By closely monitoring and refining these key metrics, the campaign was able to achieve greater levels of engagement and drive significant growth in Italy’s tourism industry.

Case study image for ENIT PPC

The results

The results were as follows:

  • Delivered over 23 million impressions with a reach of over 4.5 million
  • Delivered 140,000 sessions to the ENIT landing page
  • CPM and CTR targets were met across the campaign period

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