The mission

We are tasked with creating a website design that didn’t conform to the standard corporate style, something that worked a little differently.

8 Northumberland Avenue asked us to help strengthen their digital strategy. We started by analysing their current website and reporting on their performance and areas for improvement.

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What we did

Our website development team designed and built a website that reflected their diverse client portfolio and technological capabilities with a significant focus on their venue.

We started by developing the foundation of the website by splitting the project across our development and design teams.

We incorporated imagery of their grand staterooms with examples of their cutting edge technology and design. We then utilised modern development styles, techniques and animations to enhance the website.

Case study image for 8 Northumberland Ave


We designed a CMS with large bespoke elements in order to allow the marketing team to create free-flowing pages based on a block system.

They can now create pages in whatever style and order they need to in order to present their venue in all its glory.

Case study image for 8 Northumberland Ave

Final touches

For the final touches, we incorporated a strategic content strip back, developed easy to use and dynamic navigation and the ability to streamline customer journey throughout page visits resulting in a unique, dynamic website for 8NA.

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MintTwist absolutely delivered on our brief. We are very proud of our new website and it is already having a huge impact on our business.

Charles Boyd

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Increase in page views


Page designs


Reduction in bounce rate

The result

The website launched to great success as the famous Boyd’s Restaurant and Bar was completing it’s refurbishment.

Since the launch, our SEO campaign has started to yield results and we have just put the wheels in motion for a new social media advertising campaign.

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