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Introduction This is a checklist. For an overview of how to design the perfect Website see Design the Perfect Website. While designing the website, it is imperative to keep both the user and the client in mind while maintaining a consistent “look and feel” throughout the website. Put the User First When designing, it is important to understand how users interact with websites. Key points to remember: • Users don’t read, they scan the page • Users will not use a website in a linear way • Users will take the first route they come across to achieve their goal; make sure there is more than one way to a destination • Always make the user aware of where they are • Never present the user with the “end of the road” What is the Look and Feel? Establish a consistent look and feel to the website that is in-keeping with the client’s brand as well as appealing to the target audience. Examples of “look and feel” for certain types of websites include: • Corporate: serious, informative, authoritative • Trendy: fashionable, edgy, innovative • Fun: bright, eye-catching, bold, confident • Elegant: decorative, toned palette, uncluttered

Design process checklist

What Are the Client’s Expectations? Talk to the client to get an idea of what their expectations are and if they have a particular taste in website design. The following steps should be covered: • Get the client to provide you with some examples of websites that they like the look of. • Check these websites against the requirements defined by the client in the planning process. • Discuss any concerns that you may have, particularly if you feel the example websites do not fit with the agreed requirements. • Suggest solutions or alternatives. If the client is still unconvinced, work to the client’s expectations whilst gently explaining that it would not be your recommendation. Please remember This is a checklist. For an overview of how to design the perfect Website see Design the Perfect Website. Using your completed Website Planning checklist Once you have completed the Website Design process it is over to the Developer for the next stage of creating your “Perfect Website”…Develop the Perfect Website Let us know what do you think at [email protected] or @MintTwist.

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