We are experienced in promoting company websites in the Italian market.

Our in-house Italian speakers are professionals when it comes to optimising your content for the Google.it  and Bing Italy search engines.

Italy is one of the countries that improved the most during the last few years with its ability to leverage information and communication technologies to improve its competitiveness and the well-being of its population.

With the growing trends of growth in digital capabilities for Italian businesses, it’s a perfect time to leverage on your competition with our very own international SEO specialists.

Growing your Italian business through SEO

At Minttwist, we don’t only build stunning websites that are visually aesthetic – we generate results. This is why our digital marketers are specialised in providing results-driven search engine optimisation services.

Our team consists of digital marketers from many countries who are experts in multilingual SEO. We know the ins and outs of the Italian markets, including how to drive traffic to your website through local search engines. We can take your business a step further and help you obtain long-term success.

Our clients in the Italian SEO market

We have worked with many Italian companies, including Marplast and B24, who offer premium bathroom accessories. We have also worked with Prismatech, a leading food and beverage equipment manufacturer.

These clients have a strong presence in the Italian market, but also operate across multiple European countries. This makes their SEO strategy more complex, since the aim is to optimise their content for multiple markets – maximising their online presence in both their local and subsidiary regions.

Some of the work that we have completed for these clients include:

  • Market and competitor analysis
  • Translation and optimisation of website copy
  • Multilingual keyword research
  • Technical SEO audit and recommendations
  • Ongoing on-page optimisation

How is it done?

The first step of an SEO campaign is an analysis of your website’s situation. We use this to establish recommendations that will help improve your website’s search engine optimisation. A document is created to produce a road map towards the development of an SEO strategy that will bring results to your website. This document will report on the following areas:

  • Current SEO Status  This phase allows us to properly assess and scope out the current organic position of the website, considering both the technical and content sides of the website.
  • On-Page Analysis  The specifics of each page are assessed here, including the content structure, quality, quantity and more.
  • Keyword Analysis – Identify current keyword rankings, as well as identifying strong keyword phrases to organically increase rankings within the Italian search engines.
  • Competitor Analysis  Gaining a stronger understanding of the market you are in, we evaluate the performance of your competitors and spot opportunities to out-rank them.
  • Web Traffic Analysis  Benchmarking and understanding the current website traffic landspace, to establish clear targets to aim for. We also regularly monitor web traffic for calculating ROI and measuring success.
  • Suggestions for Off-Page Optimisation – Many tactics are adopted to ensure that your rankings can improve externally from the content on your website. We develop content strategies to grow your backlink profile, supporting the SEO work.
  • Our SEO Campaign Plan – We continuously revise and refine our SEO plan to ensure sustainable growth of your website’s organic traffic.

Fun facts about the Italian language:

  1. Italian is the closest of the Latin-based languages and more similar to Latin than French, Spanish, Portuguese or Romanian – standard Italian is regarded as that from Florence though there are many dialects throughout Italy.
  2. There are 64 million speakers of Italian, mainly in Italy itself but also people in Switzerland, San Marino and Slovenia.
  3. Italian has just 21 letters in its alphabet. A good knowledge of Italian is the most essential skill required.
  4. Google Italy is the dominant search engine, with 95% market share.

It’s without question that Minttwist will help your website rank better on the Italian search engines, and this is something that we pride ourselves in with many other international languages. Our Italian-speakers are approachable and professional in their work and will ensure that your website will grow organically through proven methods of search engine optimisation.

Now it’s your turn!

Get in touch today with our native Italian SEO experts and see your website thrive in the Italian search engines.