Integrated Digital Marketing: Strategy for Success

Module 2 in a three-part digital marketing short course in partnership with City University London.

Marketing strategy

This interactive course will cover how to audit competitors and the current position to understand where opportunities lie and how competitive advantage can be gained. It is the second module in a three-part integrated digital marketing series.

It also looks at how online and offline strategies can be integrated to maximise resources and budget.

Attendees will learn key digital marketing models, how to apply them and how to use data to drive decision making.

Who is this course for?

This is for those who want to develop their knowledge and application of digital marketing strategy.

What you will learn

  • Auditing your current position:
    • Competitors
    • Key data to analyse
    • Identifying opportunities
  • Digital marketing models – which ones to use
  • Building a digital marketing strategy
    • Structure
    • Setting objectives and KPIs
    • Aligning with marketing and business strategies
  • Creating an implementation plan
  • How to measure ROI

Continuing modules

Integrated Digital Marketing: Digital Processes

Integrated Digital Marketing: Delivering Insights and Experience


£120 per module or £300 for all three modules.

How to register

Please register via the City University London website.

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