Why we moved our digital agency to Old Street

Exciting times  Few things are quite as exciting as a big move, and believe us – we’re excited.  After 6 …

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Exciting times 

Few things are quite as exciting as a big move, and believe us – we’re excited.  After 6 years at Highgate Studios in Kentish Town, it was to relocate our Digital Agency further into Central London.

Leaving North London wasn’t easy for us logistically or emotionally, but 2017 has already been a big year for MintTwist and, if we were to maintain our ambitious growth plans, it was time we found ourselves a new home – and what better place than Old Street for a growing digital agency.

Super charged growth

Simply put, we’re growing and growing quickly.

Our team continues to expand and we need more space to accommodate ourselves and our ambitious growth plans. Three years from now, we expect to be triple the size of what we are currently, with our eyes firmly set on becoming the largest independent digital agency in the UK.  In doing so, we are ready to start mixing it with the biggest and best digital agencies in London.

In order to support these aggressive plans, we need to ensure that we are doing everything we can to attract and retain the best talent in London. We’re constantly on the lookout for the individuals who are not satisfied with mediocre work and are willing to push the envelope.

The more talented individuals we have in the agency, the better we can service our clients and the better equipped we are to create and deliver stunning digital campaigns that deliver measurable returns on our clients investments.

So, where exactly are we?

We’re happy to say we can now be found 30 seconds from Old Street tube station in the City of London. We feel strongly that being in a more central location will give us the best opportunity to cultivate our relationships with you, our clients, in order to create the highest quality of digital work.

Central London also offers us inward opportunity for expansion.  Giving the MintTwist brand the highest possible level of exposure is crucial for us to be able to achieve our goals, and we certainly expect to see an uplift in our brand exposure with the location of our new office.

In our larger Old Street office space, we will be developing and growing our event series and our digital training programs as we work towards becoming the go-to name for all your digital needs.

Pop by and say hello – our coffee is superb!

Be sure to come into our new space and see what the hype is all about. Our new address is 1-3 Leonard Street, London, EC2A 4AQ. I’m sure by now that you know our door is always open and the coffee we serve is sensational.

Although many things may be changing for us, they’re only changing for the better. One thing remains the same, and it always will: our clients come first and we are committed to creating and delivering the highest quality digital campaigns possible.


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