Minty Awards 2013

Every year MintTwisters come together to celebrate their hard work and reward each other with accolades such as Best Quote …

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Every year MintTwisters come together to celebrate their hard work and reward each other with accolades such as Best Quote and Epic Fail.

This year’s theme was Superheroes and competition for Best Costume was high and full of lycra.


Colin maintained his record for Best Dressed with a record-breaking fourth win in a row. Threatening this record is Elliott who has racked up Untidiest Desk for the third year.

Back-to-back winners included Lee for “Keyboard Smasher of the Year” and Colin for “Loveliest Bum”.

This year’s Minty Awards were Venus Flytraps


All the winners are below and you can view more photos on our Facebook page.

The winners

Best Beard

The most impressive beard wearer of 2013
Sean Berry

Best Bitchy Resting Face

MintTwister who gives you “that” look
Caitlin Espinoza

Best Cake Cutter

Most successful birthday cake cutter
Paul Van Den Broek

Best Dressed

MintTwister who puts the catwalk to shame
Colin Cheng

World Citizen

Recognising our diversity
Caitlin Espinoza

Best hair sponsored by L’oreal – because you’re worth it

MintTwister with the most luscious locks
Joint winners: Greg Spencer and Josh Morris

Bromance of the year

MintTwist men who can’t get enough of each other
Justin Seals and Lee Baillie

Casanova of the Year

Watch out!
Gediminas Burinskis

Drunk person of the year

MintTwister who can’t hold their drink
Milena Tomaszewska

Epic Fail

MintTwister who made the biggest mistake
Greg Spencer

Fast Food Friday Champion

MintTwister who loves their greasy Friday food
Justin Seals

Keyboard smasher of the year

MintTwister who makes the most typing noise
Lee Baillie

Loveliest bum

MintTwister with the peachiest cheeks
Colin Cheng

Most Northern, Northerner

Big love to the country folk
Danny Ball

Quote of the year

MintTwister who has the best lines
Caitlin Espinoza

Michel Roux Jnr Award for most appetising lunch

MintTwister who makes the tastiest lunch
Tina Pedersen

Hoodie Wearer of the Year

MintTwister who has the largest collection of hoodies
Chris Smith

Laurence Llewelyn Bowen Award for Interior Decorating

For making our office a prettier place!
Milena Tomaszewska

Ray of Sunshine

For the MintTwister who will always make you smile!
Mark Stickling

The Exorcist Head Turning Award for Unforgettable Sight of the Year

The MintTwister who leaves an impression
Joint winners: Elliott King and Lee Baillie

Untidiest desk

MintTwister who works in a pigsty
Elliott King

Best newcomer

MintTwister who joined this year and made a difference
Josh Morris

Project of the year

The most epic project
MintTwist – Lee Baillie, Juan Rojas

Client of the year

The most epic client to work with
Rebecca Walton, Amy Martin and team at Regent’s Place

Superstar of the Year

MintTwister who was amazing
Mark Stickling

Less Than Three Award (Employee of the Year)

The MintTwister who has made the biggest contribution to the business
Colin Cheng

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