4 things preventing your brand from fulfilling its creative potential

According to new research, less than half of UK employees feel that their work culture emphasises creativity. So, what might be preventing your brand’s workplace from reaching its full creative potential?

No room for failure

Many companies don’t formally reward creativity, while others simply don’t allow for the ‘freedom to fail’. But creativity is an important path to success, both in an individual’s role and in company performance. Put process aside and try creating bespoke strategies, or jazz up your physical working environment to provide space and inspiration for creative thought.

Scheduled ‘creativity’

Rely on scheduled ‘brainstorming sessions’ to get all your employees’ creative ideas out in a neat 60 minutes? It’s time to put away the stopwatch. Creativity can’t be taken out of a box at a particular place and time, it needs to be fuelled on a daily basis. Once your brand begins fostering an environment where ideas can be generated (and carried out) at any time, you’ll reap the rewards and reduce the number of pesky meetings that can clog up your day.

Lack of time

Many employees also cite lack of time as being the biggest barrier to creative thought in the workplace. Since deadlines themselves are unavoidable, businesses should set aside time for experimentation and research and development.

Too many cooks…

Too many cooks spoil the soup, or so the saying goes. The same rings true for your business. If you’re making decisions by committee, it’s time to stop. Likewise if you require your employees to jump through multiple layers of approval for decision making. Create an atmosphere where ‘yes’ is the default response, and have your employees work in smaller teams to reduce the number of people who can get in the way of the creative path. Is your brand looking to fulfil its digital potential? Let us know via [email protected]!

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