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Get more views on Youtube

MintTwist are experienced YouTube SEO service providers with a team of video optimisation experts who will help your YouTube channel grow. We have helped various YouTube creators grow their channels to reach over 1,000,000 subscribers and 200 million views.


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There are over 5 billion videos on YouTube, so how on earth can you get noticed? If you are one of the millions of content creators who want to know how to get views on YouTube, or improve your channel image, we can help.

No matter what your channel is about, our SEO Agency have the knowledge and expertise to help make your videos visible and engaging, whilst ranking higher on YouTube search to outperform your competitors.

How to get more views on YouTube

YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world, and with over 300 hours of video uploaded every minute, there is no better platform to share your video content to.

As there are so many content creators on YouTube, it is essential that your videos are found ahead of the competition.

Keyword research

The initial steps is to provide up-to-date YouTube-specific keyword research. This will identify exactly what users are searching, allowing us to help target your videos to reach them. This research will be provided to you in a report which can also give you ideas for future videos.

Increase leads and revenue

Our optimisations will resonate with your audience and will quickly establish trust and credibility for your Youtube channel

Increasing conversions

Our YouTube SEO service ensures that each of your videos is capable of turning viewers into customers without being intrusive.

Improving discoverability

We are optimisation experts and after thorough keyword research, we’ll create and optimise high quality content relevant to your audience.

Competitor research

It is vital to understand your competition and how their videos rank. To further analyse your competitors, we would:

  • Understand competitors’ strategy with similar videos
  • Discover content gaps and opportunities
  • Review competitors’ channel artwork / video thumbnails
  • Identify best keywords for ranking

Video optimisation

Once we understand your channel’s content offering, we get to work on YouTube SEO optimisation, ensuring that your videos will perform well and be enticing for viewers to click on.


YouTube SEO services

Every client we work with will benefit from:

  • Optimised video metadata: titles/descriptions/tags
  • Providing metrics on historical and current performance for views + subscribers
  • Keyword optimisation to increase traffic
  • Thumbnail optimisation training
  • Video engagement training
  • Extended video features (end-screens, trailers) suggestions

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