Highly customisable

Easily tailor your website in any manner you like with the customisation tools available within the Zend framework

Enterprise support

Zend has Enterprise level support for easy scaling and support of large corporate website systems

The Zend community

It’s a reliable framework with an equally great, fast growing community

What does this mean to you?

Well, probably not a lot. We understand that what matters to you is that:

• Your website looks fantastic
• You can update and make changes to your website easily
• Your website is optimised for usability
Your website converts well and at a high level
We will deliver your website project on all of these fronts. Our consultative approach to projects ensures that we understand your business objectives, marketing strategy and your target audience. This knowledge allows us to deliver a project on time, on budget and perfectly suited to your requirements.

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    Zend Website development process

    As a full-service digital agency, we have structured processes in place to ensure your Zend website development project goes off without hitch.

    During the process of your website build you will have a dedicated project manager and regularly meet with them to discuss the project build. At the start of the project you will also meet with the design and development leads to kick off the design phase of the website.

    We prioritize attention to detail throughout the development process, with a focus on thorough testing and optimization for performance, security, and user experience. We take pride in delivering solutions that are reliable, secure, and easy to use.

    We prioritize transparency throughout the development process, providing regular updates on the status of the project and sharing progress reports, testing results, and more with our clients. We want our clients to feel involved in the development process and to have a clear understanding of the work that we are doing for them.

    We understand the importance of delivering high-quality development solutions at a reasonable price point. We work with our clients to understand their budget and needs and provide solutions that meet both. We take pride in delivering solutions that offer good value for money and that help our clients achieve their goals

    Zend framework web applications

    Zend is a robust PHP development framework that can be used for all manner of website projects and functions. Some common functionality that can be developed in Zend includes:

    • E-commerce platforms
    • Databases
    • Booking systems for the travel and hospitality industries
    • Advanced search functionality for online databases
    • Multi-lingual websites
    • Galleries
    • Contact forms and lead generation functions

    Testimonial image for Zend Websites

    The team at MintTwist is friendly, knowledgeable and professional. They seemed to take personal interest in our project to understand our needs and offer guidance on how best to meet first a minimum viable option, then to enhance on what we had. We’ve now worked with them on three separate projects with an aim for more into the foreseeable future thanks to their flexibility and skill.

    Richard Haigh

    Managing Director at Brand Finance

    Zend FAQs

    What are the benefits of using Zend for corporate websites?

    Zend offers several benefits for corporate websites, including a modular architecture that allows for easy customization and scalability, built-in security features to protect customer data, and a range of tools for working with databases and other resources.

    Can Zend be used to build large-scale enterprise applications?

    Yes, Zend is designed to be scalable and can be used for large-scale enterprise applications, thanks to its modular architecture and support for advanced features like caching, database sharding, and more.

    What kind of database support does Zend offer?

    Zend supports a wide range of database systems, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, and Microsoft SQL Server. It also includes an ORM (Object-Relational Mapping) system to help developers work with databases more efficiently.

    ow does Zend compare to other PHP frameworks?

    Zend is often compared to other popular PHP frameworks like Laravel and Symfony. While each framework has its own strengths and weaknesses, Zend is known for its modular architecture, strong security features, and emphasis on performance and scalability.

    What kind of community support is available for Zend?

    Zend has a large and active community of developers, with a range of resources available including documentation, tutorials, forums, and plugins. The community is dedicated to supporting developers and helping them get the most out of the framework.

    What kind of performance can be expected with Zend?

    Zend is known for its performance and speed, thanks to its use of caching, lazy loading, and other optimization techniques. Zend can handle high-traffic websites and is designed to deliver fast response times even under heavy loads.

    Is Zend suitable for building e-commerce websites?

    Yes, Zend is a suitable framework for building e-commerce websites, thanks to its strong security features, built-in caching and optimization tools, and support for multiple payment gateways.

    What kind of security features does Zend offer?

    Zend includes a range of security features to protect your application from attacks, including built-in support for secure authentication and authorization, protection against SQL injection and cross-site scripting attacks, and more.

    What kind of development tools are available for Zend?

    Zend includes a range of development tools to help developers work more efficiently, including a command-line tool for generating code and managing database migrations, built-in support for testing and debugging, and more.