Our CakePHP developers

Our CakePHP developers have delivered dozens of website projects over the last 10 years and we pride ourselves in producing well designed and robust web platforms.

Not only will we design your business a stunning website, but by using the latest frameworks and coding standards, it will also have all of the required functionality to make sure it converts.

Our friendly team of designers and developers work hard to understand your business requirements in order that we deliver you a website that works hard for your business.

It is fair to say that CakePHP is easily the favourite framework of the MintTwist team – and our UK website developers in London are working with it daily.

It allows everyone to focus on creating unique and exciting websites without having to spend time building out the same old basics. CakePHP delivers for on this, jump-starting every project!

Convention over Configuration

Development is streamlined by minimising the amount of tedious setup and configuration, bypassing much of the detailed configuration, speeding up the development process.


CakePHP offers built-in security features such as input validation, SQL injection prevention, CSRF protection, and form tampering protection.

Rapid Development

The framework’s code generation and scaffolding capabilities enable developers to rapidly create prototypes and full-fledged applications.

When is CakePHP the right choice?

The role of CakePHP within web development is very well defined to those who use it.

Some frameworks give you a lot of polish and almost finished functionality and pages out of the box.

Frameworks like CakePHP give website developers complete areas up-front, but give you huge underlying power to efficiently build up custom functionality that might be too advanced for the aforementioned CMS frameworks.

Of these more powerful frameworks, CakePHP reigns supreme. While other newer frameworks have become increasingly popular, PHP has retained its near 80% dominance within all web traffic. Facebook, Wikipedia and all WordPress sites are a few examples of its most powerful and complex implementation.

CakePHP has been one of the main driving forces behind keeping PHP on top within an ever changing and evolving environment of programming languages and frameworks.

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    PHP framework

    CakePHP is PHP web framework that provides the best available foundation for building complex, secure and expandable websites.

    The framework comes with a huge host of background features and benefits that allows CakePHP developers to work faster and simpler; leaving more time for the team to focus on making the project great, safe in the knowledge that the fundamentals are already taken care of by the underlying framework.

    Speed is also massively increased as CakePHP provides several methods for building in simpler and smarter ways.

    The strengths of CakePHP

    The core strengths of the CakePHP framework include its elegant syntax, built-in tools for common tasks such as authentication and caching, and an active and supportive community.

    It also includes an ORM (Object-Relational Mapping) system, support for multiple mail and queueing systems, built-in task scheduler, and an easy-to-use command-line interface (CLI) called Artisan.

    Additionally, CakePHP’s built-in support for unit testing helps ensure that the application is stable and bug-free.


    Cost effective development by utilising frameworks and packages

    Easily expandable to cater for future requirements

    Loved by developers – always be able to find people to work on the site!

    Fast development time when compared with similar frameworks

    CakePHP Services

    What you get out of the box with CakePHP is a framework with a few working front-end pages, but unlike something WordPress or Umbraco, this is the idea.

    There are pre-built functions and methods to create users, have a secure admin area and manage pages, but these need to be built out by a CakePHP developer.

    This allows for a much higher level of bespoke development than the pre-packaged CMS’s.

    One of the best and most convenient part of CakePHP is the simplification of package based inclusion.

    This gives every CakePHP project out there access to thousands of tested, ready to go packages that add in a set of features or provide some back-end functionality.

    This means that when building a site or adding in upgrades, one of these packages can be used as a base to massively increase the speed of development, reduce costs but still increase the quality of the result.

    Testimonial image for CakePHP Websites
    The team at MintTwist is friendly, knowledgeable and professional. We’ve now worked with them on three separate CakePHP projects with an aim for more into the foreseeable future thanks to their flexibility and skill.

    Richard Haigh

    Managing Director at Branding Finance

    CakePHP development FAQs

    What is the latest version of CakePHP?

    The latest version of CakePHP is 5.0, released in September 2023.

    Previously, major versions were released every 6-12 months.

    How popular is the CakePHP framework?

    CakePHP, since its inception, has enjoyed periods of significant popularity and has been widely recognized as one of the pioneering PHP frameworks. Its popularity can be attributed to its MVC architecture, ease of use, rapid development capabilities, and extensive documentation.

    CakePHP is not the most popular PHP framework as of recent years, it retains a loyal user base and is respected for its contributions to PHP development practices.


    How long will it take to build a CakePHP website?

    The time it takes an agency to build a reasonably complicated CakePHP website will depend on several factors, including the complexity of the website, the features and functionality required, the size of the agency, and the availability of website content and materials.

    On average, it can take anywhere from 3-6 months to build a CakePHP website with an agency.

    For larger, more complex websites, the timeline can be much longer that require more design, development, and content creation work.

    The timeline will include several stages, including project planning, design, development, content creation, testing, and launch.

    The amount of time spent on each stage ultimately depends on the requirements of the project and the scope of work involved.

    A reasonably complicated CakePHP website would have the requirement for more advanced features and functionality, such as user authentication, e-commerce integration, custom CMS, and multiple API integrations. These features add to the complexity of the project and require more time to develop.

    How much will it cost to build a CakePHP website?

    It can cost anywhere from £25,000 to £150,000 to build a CakePHP website with an experienced agency.

    However, the cost can be considerably higher for larger or more complex websites that require much more design and development work.