Protect your rankings

Obtaining SEO migration support gives you a greater chance of retaining your current rankings when your new site goes live.

Update your website confidently

When your new site goes live we run checks on the day to identify any potential issues so they can be resolved with minimal impact to performance.

Grow your traffic

Our SEO team works with you to identify changes that will be beneficial to organic performance, and help grow your organic traffic in the long-term.

Our SEO team specialises in website migrations

Based in the heart of London, we are a digital agency with years of experience in running and overseeing SEO migration projects.

A website migration can be very complex. Our SEO team will work with you to make sure that the changes to your website, whether they be a redesign or a domain change, do not impact your rankings in the search results. We work with you to mitigate the risks.

We’ve worked on many migration projects with multiple MintTwist teams involved; not just our SEO team. We can provide a package that provides a full website migration service. We’ll design, develop and optimise your new website with the expertise of our web design and web development and SEO teams.

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    We can take on your full website migration project

    Managing multiple teams can be overwhelming in a migration. At MintTwist we offer more than SEO migration services. We can support on the entire project, providing a tailored solution that meets your project’s requirements.

    As part of a full migration project we can provide web design, web development, SEO and web hosting services. We can even run paid media activity when the new site launches to help cover any initial traffic drops to other channels, or promotions through social media management.

    Regardless of whether you opt for SEO migration services only, or want cross-services project, communication with you will be seamless. At MintTwist your Account Manager is your central point of contact. It’s their responsibility to oversee the project and liaise between the different teams, reporting back to you with progress updates.

    How our agency can help you

    Including SEO considerations from the start of the project is key to preventing any losses to your rankings and visibility in the search results.

    A website migration can entail a wide spectrum of changes. It can even cover multiple changes in a single project. Migrations we offer guidance and support for include:


    Domain migration

    This migration type is where you’re updating your site’s domain name. For example, it might be changing from to

    Whether your site is re-branding, or you’re moving to a more optimal domain name, we provide SEO support to help make the transition process smoother. We can also help with setting up analytics tracking for the new domain so you have data from the moment you change over.


    Subdomain migration

    Subdomain migrations are where content that sits on a subdomain is moving back onto the main domain, usually into a subfolder. This might look like to

    Merging content back onto the main domain is already beneficial to SEO, with main domains outperforming subdomains in the search results. We work with you so you can really capitalise on this SEO opportunity, by ensuring SEO is being introduced throughout your migration process.


    CMS migration

    This is a back-end update where your site is gaining a new Content Management System.

    Our SEO team will be on hand to make sure your updates to the CMS have no impact on tracking or front-end performance.


    Protocol migration

    Where your site is moving from HTTP to HTTPS. Google prefers to rank HTTPS over HTTP sites in the search results nowadays. Most sites are on HTTPS now, but there are still HTTP sites out there.

    With a protocol migration the redirects are top priority. We’ll make sure redirects are in place, pointing to the right page and functioning.


    Structure migration

    A structure migration is where you’re planning changes to the structural features of your website. This can be changes to the site architecture, URL structure, internal links and navigation menu.

    We’ll work with you on any changes to the structure of your site. Keeping content accessible is crucial, so our recommendations focus on making sure the final structure is logical, easy to navigate and keeps your priority pages front and centre for your audience.


    Content migration

    A content migration is where you plan to make significant content changes to the website, whether it be the creation, consolidation or removal of content.

    We’ll look at the content you want to remove and change and create a plan based on your content’s performance in search. We’ll help you get rid of poorly performing content and help preserve content that brings in traffic and conversions.


    Design migration

    When the website gets an updated skin and layout, usually done to modernise websites and improve user experience.

    We’ll work with the design team to make sure your wireframes provide strong UX and take into considerations SEO best practices.

    Testimonial image for SEO Migrations

    MintTwist have been great to work with; they understood our organisation’s objectives and helped us to build a solid digital strategy based on this. The success of our digital campaigns have improved enormously as a result.

    Josie Gleave

    Short Courses Marketing at City, University of London

    Ready to talk about your website migration project?

    Give us some details about you and your project, and we’ll be in touch.

      SEO Migration FAQs

      What metrics should I be using to measure if my migration is successful or not?

      The metrics you measure your website performance against is dependent on the objectives you have set for the project. However, some metrics we like to monitor and benchmark for include:

      • Clicks for keywords
      • Impressions for keywords
      • Organic sessions
      • Organic landing pages
      • Pages per session
      • Bounce rate

      These metrics give an idea of your site’s visibility in the search results and the engagement of your content when users have clicked through to the website.

      How long does a website migration take?

      The duration of a website migration project is dependent on the size and complexity of the migration. A migration timeline can vary from several weeks to several months based on the amount of changes that are planned.

      Often, a website migration never follows the timeline you start with! Unplanned challenges can arise that need to be dealt with, leading a to a migration project taking longer than planned. It’s worth noting though, it’s always better to delay launching your migration than pushing through a partially finished website.

      How much does SEO support for a website migration cost?

      SEO website migration costs are completely dependent on the size and complexity of your planned migration. The more aspects that are changed, the more SEO support you will need. It can also depend on what type of migration you are planning. A CMS migration, for example, requires significantly less SEO input than a domain migration or a content migration.

      What is the process to ensure my rankings are not impacted by the site migration?

      Unfortunately, with a migration you will always see fluctuations in your rankings as search engines crawl the changes and get to know your new site. However, we do take steps to protect your priority keyword rankings.

      We take note of what your top keywords are, and the pages that ranks for that keyword in the search results. We then work with you to develop a content plan that makes sure the content that is earning those rankings is not lost in the migration. This might involve telling pages, which you may have wanted to remove, need to stay. It may involve identifying where content across pages needs to be consolidated onto one.

      We appreciate clients often want to trim their content as part of a migration. We’ll work with you to make sure your trimmed content is content your organic performance can easily part with.