SEO in Portuguese: A world language rival to English

We are experts in promoting websites in the Portuguese market.

While English is the most broadly utilized language on the web, concentrating just on English-speakers and not building cross-marketing systems implies that global websites are missing out on literally billions of potential prospects.

Does your web speak Portuguese?

Around 427 million individuals over 31 countries communicate in Portuguese, making it the second most widely talked language worldwide! This isn’t surprising, considering that Portuguese is the second most popular language in Europe and the fourth on the planet. There are nearly 36 million Portuguese speakers in the US alone, and this is expected to double by 2050. According to Statista, Portuguese is the 3rd most common language used on the internet with 8.1% only after English and Chinese.

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If you are thinking of expanding your company in the Spanish market, we can help you by providing your business with quality Spanish SEO services that will help you drive relevant traffic from local search engines.

As an international digital marketing agency, we have a multicultural team of digital marketers, able to provide you with international SEO services to market your company to many different audiences. Our marketing team includes Portuguese SEO specialists that will be able to increase your incoming traffic from Portuguese speaking countries.

Sky-rocket your site with Portuguese Seo

Here at MintTwist, we know that the looks are not everything, and even though we built beautiful websites, we recognize that the website alone doesn’t generate sales. Having a good stream of relevant traffic is vital for future success. For that reason, our Portuguese SEO team will help your website to rank for those Portuguese terms that only native speakers know.

We will help you stand out from the crowd, attract new costumers to your website and expand your business to Spain and South America.

How we do it

Every SEO campaign starts with an initial analysis of your current situation highlighting what you have done right so far and what needs improvement. The initial audit of our SEO agency in London will include the following aspects:

• Your current SEO status: We analyze your current rankings, website authority and potential.

• On-Page Analysis: After an exhaustive crawl and manual overview we analyze how well the main landing pages are optimized and suggest meta recommendations.

• Keyword Analysis: Identify current keyword rankings and missing opportunities.

• Competitor Analysis: By analyzing your competitors and monitoring them on an ongoing basis, you’ll get to know their behavior, enabling you to envision their activities and remain one step ahead.

• Web Traffic Analysis: Benchmarking and understanding the current online traffic, to set up new goals to go for. We additionally consistently screen web activity to maximize ROI.

• Off-Page Optimisation: Building high-quality Portuguese links from other industry-related websites, online journals, local directories, blogs, and social media signals is a high priority for us as part of our on-going link-building support.

• Our SEO Campaign Plan: Our experienced account managers will continuously revise and refine our SEO Spain campaign to ensure your organic traffic goals.

Interesting facts about the Portuguese language

• Mexico is the largest Portuguese-speaking country on the planet.

• Spanish is the third most popular language on the Internet.

•Many Spanish words come from Arabic.

• According to several surveys, the phrase that most annoys Spanish speakers when they have a conversation is “do you understand me?” because it is understood as a questioning of the receiver’s intelligence.

• Translations into Spanish, generally, have 20% more words than transcriptions into English.