Get your website ranking higher with Polish SEO

With over 10 years of industry experience in online marketing and SEO, MintTwist have worked closely with many international brands to help them dominate search engines and drive relevant traffic.

As part of our multilingual SEO approach, we help promote brands who are looking to expand their profile overseas or launch new products/services in a specified language.

Our dedicated and highly experienced in-house Polish SEO experts will help you rank highly on and NetSprint to ensure that your website ranks highly in Polish.

Multilingual team

We are fortunate to work with a multicultural team including Polish SEO Executives and translators to support with our multilingual projects.

Experienced team

Our team is made up by SEO experts with more than 5 years in the SEO industry.

Quality vs Quantity

We believe quality should be preferred versus quantity. For this reason, we only work with senior professionals to deliver the best results.

Interesting Facts about the Polish Language

• There are over 50 million Polish speakers

• It is one of the official languages of the European Union

• It is a West Slavic language

• It is the second most widely spoken Slavic language after Russian

• Large Polish speaking communities are found in Germany, the UK, Russia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, the US, Canada, Argentina, Australia and Brazil

Improve your presence in Polish search engines

Our SEO experts offer a range of services relevant to your business and branding goals. Our services include:

• Analysis of your current SEO strategy – we carry out an in-depth analysis of your current strategy looking at rankings and more.

• Bespoke SEO campaign strategy – all our SEO services are extremely bespoke and tailored to your goals to create unique campaign strategies. We form meaningful partnerships with our clients, listening to their needs and what they want to achieve from their SEO campaign strategy.

• On-page optimisation – includes optimising content and HTML source code to rank higher and earn more relevant traffic in search engines.

• Off-page optimisation – we build links from trustworthy, authoritative, relevant and industry-related Polish websites to boost your domain authority.

• Keyword Analysis – we identify keywords that you are currently ranking for and opportunities to increase your website rankings in Polish search engines. We ensure you are targeting the right keywords that your Polish-speaking audience are searching for, which means that these might not be the same as the ones targeted for English-speaking users.

• Competitor Analysis – we analyse your competitors to identify areas where you can out compete them, opportunities where you could improve on and additional insights into organic outreach opportunities.

• Polish language content creation – we identify content opportunities relatable to your Polish audience and provide suggestions on how to create effective content.

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