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Link Building Services

Getting your website ranking with authoritative backlinks.

White hat link building

Our link building services will improve your rankings & boost your organic traffic!

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As a link building agency, we know the value of great links – and can boost your rankings with our link building services.

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As a link building agency, we know the value of great links – and can boost your rankings with our link building services.

Our approach to links

We use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning software to carry out a complete analysis that determines if a site is potentially interesting to us, in terms of authority and theme, to obtain presence in it, and get a link.

Crucial Website Factors

There are many website aspects that can determine the relevancy and strength that is to be attributed back to your site, and some of them include getting links that are:

  • 100% white hat
  • Low risk backlink profile
  • Good visibility index and showing steady growth
  • Similar website content = similar ranking keywords
  • Do follow links
  • Ahrefs Domain Rating

Approach to link nurturing

There are many analytical aspects of identifying the potential of a good website prospect. Below is a summary of the main things we look out for:

SPAM Control

We search the Internet for sites that position in Google for the terms that interest us and calculate the Spam Score of these websites. We eliminate those with a high level of SPAM to save us work and prevent us from interacting with sites that could harm us.

Visibility Trend

Of the sites that pass the SPAM test, we analyse its visibility trend in Google in case they have had penalties, have a negative visibility trend or simply a low visibility score. This process makes use of Sistrix Visibility Index to have greater accuracy in terms of visibility trends and possible penalties.

Semantic Analysis

We analyse all the content and meta tags on your website and use an algorithm, similar to the Googlebot, to determine the overall sematic theme of the website.

Website Affinity

We then proceed to crawl each one of the possible ‘partners’ websites, extract their content, tags, Google ranking keywords, and through a second algorithm, using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, we proceed to calculate the real website affinity with the objective of uncovering sites related 100% with you.

As a result, Google will find a logical relationship of links, and will provide greater authority for this topic.

Content Planning

The first step for us is to research your industry, learn who your competitors are and what are the most engaging topics. Then we suggest a few topic ideas for the client’s approval.

Website Selection and Outreach

Once the topic ideas have been approved, we’d pitch them to relevant websites in your industries with high authority and low spam score.

Content Creation and Secure Link

Our senior copywriters will write the content according to the content guidelines and angle of the target website to secure its publication.

Deep Linking

In most cases we will link directly to the Customer Intent (CI) pages. We are able to do this thanks to all the established relationships that we have with webmasters, bloggers and journalists.

In cases where this is not possible due to strict content placement guidelines, we will then try to link to a blog post on your main domain which in turn links to the CI page. As a result of this we may request that the blog post be updated to contain a link to the most relevant CI page (if it is not already there). This way the link juice will be sent directly to your landing page, category page or any page you wish to boost the rankings.

Anchor Text

We would recommend a mixture of Anchor Text for the links we will be building. An anchor text is the text which contains a link. Having a mix of anchor texts is useful for keeping a natural link profile.

A natural bland of the following:

  • Branded
  • Generic
  • Keyword rich
  • Hybrid

Link building company

As an SEO agency that provides link building services UK, we have a large network of webmasters from many industries, which provides a high chance of finding relevant websites for your niche.

Other Link building tactics

We’ve only scratched the surface of our link building efforts, and there are many more ways to do this. Below are some other ways we can build links to your website:

  • Optimise local citations from trusted directories/websites
  • Analyse competitors’ backlink profiles to find correlations
  • Monitor brand mentions online
  • Broken links from competitors

Reporting & success

It’s not enough to simply get the links. We will check the progress and impact of your links to assess, and report this back to you at the end of the month.

Your Account Manager will produce a monthly report covering:

  • Organic traffic increasement
  • Number of keywords ranking on P1, P2-3, P4-10 (to include below a SEMRush graphic with this).
  • Visibility Index
  • Evolution of priority keyword position rankings

As a final metric, we also advocate a fully transparent relationship where you report back to us all Direct Enquires that cab been attributed back to the core pages we are working on.