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MintTwist provides expert, professional Dutch SEO services to help you rank in the Netherlands, Belgium and many other countries.

Whether you’re looking to launch a new product or service, or expand overseas into new markets – we can help you rank in Google.nl, Google.be or Ilse.

Helping you rank in the Netherlands

Our 7 years of SEO experience enables us to get you ranking anywhere in the world. We follow Google’s best practice and adhere to Google’s quality guidelines ensuring that you’ll rank well but also never get hit by a penalty.

Our Dutch SEO service includes:

• On-page optimisation for target keywords

• Local Citation building

• Local social media promotion

• Dutch language content creation

• Afrikaans language content creation

As part of our digital marketing service, we can also provide you with in-depth strategy consultancy. This can be used to identify key opportunities in Dutch speaking markets to ensure your digital marketing campaign is a success.

Increase organic ranking

Your chosen page rank higher organically within search results to increase visibility, traffic and ultimately conversions for your business.

On-site optimisation

Improve readability, internal linking and keywords on your page to improve its ranking on search engines.

Competitor research

Our SEO experts will analyse your key competitors to identify areas of opportunity and to get ahead of the competition.

SEO for the Dutch speaking world

Did you know that there are more than 28 million native speakers of Dutch? Afrikaans, one of the official languages of South Africa and mutually intelligible with Dutch, has a further 23 million native speakers making the combined Dutch speaking population over 50 million.

Dutch is closely related to German and English and is spoken in a wide number of countries around the world:

• The Netherlands (including Holland)

• Belgium

• Suriname

• Aruba

• Curacao

• Sint Maarten

• South Africa (Afrikaans)

Digital Marketing in Dutch

We can provide bespoke digital marketing services and strategies in Dutch. This can include content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing and paid for digital advertising (mainly PPC).

Furthermore, our design and development team who can work with you to build websites specific for the Dutch speaking market or a variety of other materials including brochures, email templates and infographics.

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