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Chinese SEO Services

We can help your company to target the Chinese Search Engines


At MintTwist, we provide international, Chinese SEO services. We have provided SEO services for several years, using our expertise and knowledge we are able to support you in getting your website to rank in China.

Getting your website to rank in China

SEO in China features some unique and difficult challenges. The first being the language but we have Chinese language speakers that work on all Chinese language SEO campaigns.

Secondly, in China the dominate search engine is not Google but Baidu. Baidu has its own search algorithm that ranks websites using different ranking factors compared to Google. Our team consists of digital marketers from many countries who are experts in multilingual SEO. And we use only the most relevant and pertinent strategies to get your website ranking in Baidu. These include:

  • On-page optimisation for target keywords
  • Local link building and citation building
  • Local social media promotion
  • Local online PR and content marketing

In addition to Baidu, we can also help you to rank in Soso or Sogou – two other important search engines in the region.

Experienced Team

Our team is made up of SEO specialists with more than 5 years of experience working across multiple languages.

Increase search visbility

Your selected page will rank higher in engines increasing your visibility and in turn traffic and conversions for your business.

On-site optimisation

We will improve readability, internal and external linking and keywords to improve the ranking of your landing pages.

SEO for the Sinophone world

We don’t just focus on China. We can also help you rank in other Chinese speaking locations including:

  • Taiwan
  • Singapore
  • Hong Kong
  • Macau

Chinese is a complicated language and has two different writing systems – simplified Chinese characters and traditional Chinese characters. Depending on what specific region you would like to target we can provide SEO in either writing systems or both. For example, simplified Chinese characters are just throughout mainland China while traditional characters are used in Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Digital marketing in China

Aside from SEO, we can also provide expert digital marketing services in Chinese. This includes social media marketing, content creation, content marketing, email marketing, mobile marketing and paid for advertising including PPC.

Additionally, our design and developers can design and build websites suitable for the Chinese market. Optimised and designed for the local market and including functionality to provide you with the highest ROI possible.

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