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Media planning and buying

Helping B2B and B2C companies optimise their media planning and buying strategies

Media buying agency in London

We create diverse media strategies to meet your business goals and increase your ROI.

Our team are experts in creating bespoke strategies to help your business reach the right audience, with the right message, at the right time. Through data-driven research and insights we can effectively plan your media buying in order to increase your ROI.

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Why create a diverse media plan?

With ever-changing audience behaviours and growing competition, a diverse media plan is essential in order to maximise a campaign’s overall performance. Using multiple channels will increase the number of touchpoints with your audience, creating a seamless journey to lead them to the desired action.

Reach your audience

We use data-driven insights to understand your industry and reach your audience

Bespoke strategy

Our strategies are bespoke to fit your unique business goals

Increase your ROI

Optimised strategies will result in more goals achieved through your marketing efforts

Bespoke campaign media planning

Your business is unique, so your marketing strategy should be, too. When it comes to media planning, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. That’s why our team will work closely with you to understand your industry, your brand and exactly what you want to achieve from a campaign.

Who are your audience? Where are they? And when are they most likely to pay attention and respond to your brand promotions?

We will develop innovative digital strategies to amplify your message and meet your key objectives.

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Just so you know, we’re not in the business of selling your data, nor will we add you to a marketing list for contacting us here. Read our Privacy Policy to see how we handle your details.

Data-driven media planning

Effective media planning and buying requires knowledge of the latest digital trends as well as extensive research and insights into your targeted audience. Our team use a variety of the latest research and analysis tools to understand your market before planning your digital strategy.

Through these insights we can help effectively plan:

  • What platforms and placements you should use to reach your audience
  • What format will be most effective to meet your goal
  • Specific targeting options to put your ad in front of the right people
  • Where to allocate your budget to optimise your ROI
  • When your campaign should be live to increase your number of conversions

Not only will our team conduct thorough research before starting your campaign but will continue to do so throughout its duration. Your campaign will be continuously monitored and optimised to increase your results, all of which will be communicated back to you through a monthly report.


Media buying to bring quality leads

Our team focusses not only on the volume of traffic brought to your website but the quality, too. Whether your goal is to lead people to make a purchase, watch, download or subscribe to your brand, our team target only those who are likely to convert, ultimately saving you money. As a full-service marketing agency, we can innovatively tailor your campaign to optimise relevancy, localisation and effectiveness to bring your brand in front of the right people at the right time.

Frequently asked questions on media planning

Media planning is the process of planning the what, the who, the when, and the how for your marketing campaign. This would begin with the questions of what you want to achieve is and who your audience is. Once this is understood, in media, the planning process would involve deciding what platforms to use (e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, Google search, outdoor, TV and radio), how much budget to allocate to each, when a campaign should run and the how you will define success of the campaign.

Effective media planning can make or break the success of your campaign. Even if you have a killer idea and creative concept, putting it in the wrong places can mean that, even though a high volume of people sees your ad, few are converting and ends up costing you a lot of money with poor results. Targeting your ads in the right places, to the right people, at the right time optimises your use of budget, increases your conversion rate and enhances your return on investment.

At MintTwist, our team have extensive knowledge of the different platforms available and what you can expect from them. We are constantly staying up to date on the latest trends to implement them into our client’s strategies to optimise their results. We will work closely with you to create a media buying strategy specific to your business, continuously optimise your campaign to reach your campaign goals and report the results back to you in depth.