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Google Analytics Agency in London

We have expertise utilising Google Analytics for our clients, enabling them to grasp a deep knowledge about their userbase and/or customers to achieve their business goals.

Google Analytics Experts

Our experts have years of experience working with Google Analytics for clients from all sizes and industries.

Google analytics on laptop

At MintTwist, we understand the importance of tracking conversions, understanding customer engagement, and audience demographics. It’s crucial that businesses use Analytics efficiently in their strategies to recognise the steps that need to be made to achieve their targets.

Google Analytics audit

Our experts will perform a full audit of your account to ensure Analytics is finely tuned for your individual business goals. The primary aim is to make the platform work seamlessly for you, your team, and your company.

Once we have access to your account, we’ll conduct our audit then provide a report with recommendations, guidelines and best practices to help you gain analytical power to increase your organic traffic. The audit will uncover potential problems in the set up that causes the tool to provide inaccurate data.

These suggested changes are prioritised, so you know exactly what needs to be changed first. We will then make sure these changes have been implemented successfully so that accurate data is being reported as soon as possible.

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We make the most of your business analytics

Google Analytics is an extremely powerful tool for measuring the traffic on your website. If your accounts, properties, and views aren’t set up correctly, it can sometimes be difficult to gather the right analytical information reliably.

After we have investigated the potential problems from our audit, we can begin to implement fixes. Once these fixes have been made, you can begin to tap into the deep analytical data the platform has to offer.

With this information, your business can make more confident decisions, and review the impact of those decisions with clarity.

Google Analytics training

As part of our service, we also provide training and courses for your team at all levels of ability. This ensures you know how to operate the platform to its full potential once it has been successfully set up.

Training sessions will be unique to your company and will be designed with your goals in mind. The sessions can be covered over several weeks in our office space or on the internet via video calls.

Our training can include the following:

  • Navigating Analytics
  • Audience, acquisition and behaviour reports
  • Setting up and tracking conversions
  • Filters
  • Linking with advertising platforms (such as AdWords)

The aim of these sessions is to allow your team to come away with a working knowledge and practical experience to effectively use the platform independently.

Understand your audience

Gain deep insights about your audience.

Reach your goals

Custom conversions allow your company to set meaningful goals.

Expertise and training

Our Google Analytics training helps your team to utilise the platform to its full potential.

Google Analytics can provide you with valuable metrics and data about the visitors to your website. This information can be used to better understand your audience and, in turn, more effectively strategize and achieve your goals.

When you sign in to Google Analytics, Google will give you a tracking code. This tracking code needs to be placed on every page of your website. This allows Google to track visitors on your site along with a lot of other metrics such as type of browser and location. This information is sent to Google, which is then collated in your Google Analytics account. Using other tools such as Google Tag Manager or a WordPress plugin can help with this task.

Google Analytics gives you insights into user behaviour, how long they are spending on your site, and how many pages they are visiting. Knowing this behaviour can help you choose which pages to be improving from a user experience standpoint. This can help retain visitors, decrease bounce rates, and, in turn, increase traffic.

Here at MintTwist, our years of experience utilising Analytics for our clients and our own internal reporting has made us experts with the tool. We know how to leverage Analytics to help your company gain valuable insights about the traffic on your website. We understand the importance of setting up Analytics correctly as this will dictate the accuracy the data reported.