International Digital Marketing

Grow your customer base internationally through digital marketing

We are an international digital marketing agency that can help you grow your business globally.

Reaching out to an international audience online is an efficient and manageable way to market. But applying your domestic digital marketing strategies to other countries is problematic. A number of factors effect how international audiences use and consume internet content and digital media.

At MintTwist, we work with clients on their international digital marketing helping them reach new audiences, increase international brand exposure and drive revenue.

A well structured international digital marketing strategy will help you:

  • Enter new markets successfully
  • Increase market share
  • Grow brand awareness
  • Improve digital efficiency

Our Work

  • Kaba website design


    Kaba is a leading global provider of innovative security solutions. Based in Switzerland, the company is present in over 60 countries.

  • Search engine optimisation for City University

    City, University of London

    City, University of London is a leading international university and the only one in London that focuses on academic excellence for business and the professions.

  • Masterchef Arabia

    Masterchef Arabia

    The Masterchef TV series has been a hit around the world and launched in Saudi Arabia in February 2014.

  • Discovery Facebook ad on Macbook

    Discovery Education

    Discovery Education UK transforms learning by providing high-quality, dynamic digital content to schools across the country.

Our approach to international digital marketing

We get to know your business – your objectives, your people, your USPs. We believe that without this knowledge we would not be able to provide you with a marketing strategy for overseas markets that delivers on your business objectives.

Our aim is for the digital marketing strategy to align existing marketing and business objectives.

What will an international marketing campaign involve?

As a leading international marketing agency, we must consider specific country trends, linguistic and cultural differences. We will often deliver smaller campaigns for specific locations or regions as part of a wider international marketing plan.

We understand that your target audience may be communicating across different channels in different locations. As such, we will be able to advise you on the best channels to use for any digital marketing activity.

Website design for a global market

Whether you need a new website design to accommodate an international audience, or website content to be translated, we can help. We can advise on the best type of design to use, how to make your website responsive and accessible, as well as running international testing to make sure the website gets the best response from global visitors, whatever type of device they are using.

International SEO

Google may be the most popular search engine in the world but there are many countries where it is not top dog. Baidu and Yandex are two search engines with significant market share in China and Russia. We can help you identify keywords that will convert and implement an international SEO strategy to help you rank overseas.

International content marketing and creation

Our in-house digital marketers are from all over the world giving us a true advantage in international and can create quality content in a number of different languages. We also look at your existing marketing content and repurpose it so it can work more efficiently across different cultures. Content can be optimised for search engines, and we integrate our International SEO keyword strategy with our content creation.

Global Social media marketing

Popularity and use of social networks varies around the world. You can’t assume what is popular in your country will be popular in another. We can advise you on the right social media platforms and how to reach out to audiences in other cultures through social media marketing.

PPC and paid advertising in multiple languages

International digital advertising can be tricky. Our international PPC experts are on-hand to advise on the right campaign set-ups, ad copy and management to maximise traffic and keep spend down. We can set up pay per click marketing with Yandex Direct and Baidu Phoenix Nest.

MintTwist is your international digital marketing ideas partner.

Our global knowledge and expertise could be just what you need to help your business grow its international digital potential.

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