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Increase your sales using Amazon pay-per-click services.

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Amazon PPC (Pay-Per-Click) can help your brand target the right people and amplify your sales. MintTwist specialises in Amazon marketing and has the expertise to run your Amazon advertising campaigns from start to finish. We understand the strategies which help boost your impressions and clicks on your products leading to more sales and growth for your business on the Amazon platform. Trust our team of Amazon PPC experts to help push your sales on Amazon through the roof!

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Pay-per-click services allow your page to come up in a search when a user searches for one of your keywords

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Most consumers begin their online searches on Amazon. Be a part of the worldwide phenomenon

Only pay-per-click

When you use Amazon PPC, you are only paying per click on your page. You don’t pay for impressions

We will run your Amazon ads

When working with MintTwist, you can choose how much control you want to have over your campaigns. Take control of the process or leave all the work to us. We have extensive knowledge and experience in PPC and, more specifically, Amazon PPC and will tailor your campaigns to your products. It is important when using advertising on Amazon you choose the right keywords that will attract the desired target market to your page. We will conduct full keyword research with specialist tools to gather the right keywords to help the right audience find your products easily.

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Conversion-focused Amazon agency

MintTwist’s main focus is to increase conversions for your products. Our methods and strategies help your Amazon products make as many sales as possible. We conduct testing throughout the campaign’s duration to ensure maximum conversions for each product. We believe Amazon PPC campaigns are extremely effective for driving more sales and conversions to products. It is crucial to use an effective campaign for products that have recently been listed.

Why should I use a managed Amazon PPC service?

Amazon PPC offers your brand a chance to promote your products on one of the world’s leading selling platforms. Amazon is visited by 206 million people every month and with over 12 million products listed on Amazon, it is difficult for new products to stand out in organic search alone. Using our Amazon marketing service, we can give your products the initial boost leading to more reviews and sales. It’s important to manage your PPC ads throughout the campaign on Amazon in order to continually optimise, make the most of your budget and increase your return on investment.

More about Amazon PPC

Amazon PPC means Amazon Pay-Per-Click. Simply put, this means using the Amazon platform to advertise your product listings. Amazon’s advertising platform means you only pay for each click on your ads – Pay-Per-Click.

Amazon PPC advertising is paid by the advertiser only when their amazon advert is clicked on so you will only be paying for active clicks. It is up to you how much you would like to spend on an advertising budget. We can help advise on the cost depending on your budget and the type of products you want to push forward. MintTwist will fully optimise your ads throughout the campaign duration to ensure you get the most return on your investment possible. Costs per click can also vary depend on the completeness of the targeted keywords.

When creating a campaign on Amazon, you first are going to choose the products you want to promote, your budget and length of campaign. Amazon offers two options, manual or automatic targeting, which allows you to choose your target market and the keywords you want to associate with your brand. Depending on whether you are a sponsored brand advert or not, will determine more choices on adding a logo, headline, click bidding price and keyword searches. Once your campaign is posted, shoppers will be able to see your ad. When you want to see your campaign’s progress, you can log back into Amazon Seller Central and see the progress of your campaign.

Amazon allows you to set up your campaign through their advertising platform. They allow you to filter different choices regarding budget, specific products and length of campaign. You can customize your Amazon adverts to fit your brand and target market. Once your campaign is posted on Amazon, consumers will be able to click on your product, view it and then decide whether or not to go through with purchasing. You will only pay for the number of clicks your page receives and can budget accordingly. To see your campaign’s progress, you may also refer back to your Seller Central account.

Amazon seller central is an Amazon platform where brands can control various aspects of their Amazon listings. You can alter your inventory, change pricing, manage orders and of course, start advertising campaigns. The Amazon Seller Central is the only way to start advertising campaigns on Amazon. If you are a marketplace seller, you can choose to handle the shipping and packaging of your product yourself or through the Fulfilled by Amazon program (FBA).

We worked very closely with MintTwist to optimise both our Amazon Account and the Product Listings. The results have been fantastic.
Jonathan Hall Founder of La Montana