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Virtually Healthcare

Virtually Healthcare are an NHS approved online consultation service and app in the UK.



MintTwist were tasked with helping Virtually to create a launch and growth paid media strategy. The client’s main goals were to launch the application, raise awareness of their service and drive registrations to virtually healthcare service.

Other goals of the campaign were to:

  1. Maintain a strong market positioning.
  2. Deliver registrations targets.
  3. Deliver efficient CPAs within target.
  4. Maximise and diversify paid media campaigns.


For Virtually Healthcare, we initially utilised a range of conversion and awareness channels, including Facebook/Instagram, Display, Gmail, and Google Search.

Across the awareness strategies, we focused our targeting on working professionals, late teens and university students who would benefit from the flexibility of the service. These audiences were utilised across Facebook/Instagram, Display and Gmail, where we also used complementary messaging and creatives for these respective audiences. These campaigns ran for three months, reaching millions of people across the respected channels.

Alongside the awareness strategies, we ran Google search campaigns to supplement the activity. Search campaigns initially focused on generic and brand terms. As the campaigns maximised performance, we began to diversify the campaigns by branching out to clinic specific campaigns, such as contraception, dietary and physiotherapy which helped us to reach and convert new audiences.

During the start of the global pandemic, search volume for virtual and online healthcare peaked as individuals were interested in alternatives to face-to-face healthcare more than ever. This was a key period to Virtually Healthcare’s growth, as we maintained a strong position on the SERP to capture these in-market audiences actively searching for online healthcare options. We also supplemented this with ad copy to address the concerns users may have and positioned Virtually Healthcare as an alternative to help overcome their concerns.

Through diversifying campaigns and maintaining a strong brand positioning, Virtually Healthcare has been able to increase spend across paid search campaigns significantly since its launch in 2019. Since the beginning of the campaign launch, click-through rate and conversion rate metrics have improved across the board which has helped us to deliver lower cost-per-conversions than predicted and exceed registration targets.



  • Since campaign launch, paid media has accounted for 72% of total site registrations – whilst accounting for 40% of total site traffic.
  • 98% of users driven from paid media campaigns were new users.
  • After 6 months, target CPA was reduced 40% – exceeding registration targets at more efficient cost.
  • After 6 months, CTR% had increased by 120% – exceeding benchmark CTRs.
MintTwist have worked closely with us over a 2 year period to successfully promote a new and transformative change in which people receive healthcare.

Digital care was nascent when we first commissioned MintTwist. With their advice and support we have begun to establish the Virtually brand as a provider of NHS digital-first healthcare. They have worked with our clinicians in a collaborative way willing to explore and test new campaign concepts. It was very helpful to have MintTwist’s involvement at a time of rapid and radical change in the way NHS healthcare is delivered
Dr Milan Koya – Group Chair of Virtually Healthcare

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