Designing a new platform

A calming and reassuring experience for patients

The website design for the new healthcare provider website,, was created with a focus on providing a modern and professional look and feel that is easy to navigate for patients seeking medical advice online.

The color scheme, typography, and layouts were carefully chosen to create a calming and reassuring experience for patients while also highlighting the expertise and professionalism of the healthcare providers.

Our London based website developers ensured that the website was designed with a responsive layout that adapts to any device, ensuring that patients can easily access the website from their desktops, laptops, tablets, or smartphones.

The user interface was designed to be intuitive and easy to navigate, with clear calls-to-action and straightforward navigation, allowing patients to find the information they need and schedule appointments with ease.

A functionally heavy platform

Using modern technology to bring the website to life

The website offers a range of features designed to provide patients with a convenient and accessible way to connect with doctors and receive medical advice online.

Our Laravel development agency ensured that the website’s video consultation feature allows patients to book appointments with doctors and connect with them via video conferencing from the comfort of their own homes.

This feature provides patients with a more accessible and convenient way to receive medical advice and care, particularly during times when in-person consultations are not possible.

Additionally, the website features an online appointment scheduling system that allows patients to schedule appointments at their convenience.

Patients can also access their medical records and receive prescription refills online, streamlining the process of managing their health.

Case study image for Virtually Healthcare

Connecting with our audience

The proof is in the pudding

The new design and features of the website have been successful in meeting the needs of the target audience.

The website’s modern and professional design, combined with its user-friendly interface and convenient features, has received positive feedback from patients, making it easier for them to manage their health and connect with healthcare providers online.

The responsive design of the website ensures that patients can easily access the website from any device, while the video consultation feature and online appointment scheduling system provide patients with a more accessible and convenient way to receive medical advice and care.

Testimonial image for Virtually Healthcare
The MintTwist team have worked closely with us to design and build a wonderful platform for our patients. We are delighted with the result.

Dr Milan Koya

Group Chair of Virtually Healthcare

The final product

The final product is a fast and responsive site, built on cutting-edge technology with due thought and diligence paid to the user experience, user trust and the high technology standards of NHS Digital.

The Health Online product does an excellent job proving the concept of digital NHS services, as well as provides the starting point for a series of communities built around the everyday health issues and concerns facing NHS patients.

As a result of the successful project, MintTwist and Health Online have embarked on a series of ongoing website support project updates to ensure the product remains relevant and modern and continues to meet the needs of both patients and clinicians.

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