The mission

Businesses face evolving challenges in a digitally transformed, fast-paced world. Innovation and technological advances present massive potential for efficiency gains, but with that innovation comes the increased risk of vulnerability and disaster.

The ITIL framework offers many opportunities to bring about positive change and improve operational efficiency.

In particular, it gives businesses highly effective tools to deal with incidents, problems and changes.

MintTwist were brought on board to create an e-book around the ITIL framework which would be used in a global marketing campaign.

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The brief

We were tasked with taking a complicated processes within ITIL & IT Service Continuity and make it easier to understand for readers, whilst helping to explain why Veeam Solutions within ITIL will help them do their job faster and easier.

With the relatively heavy ITIL topic as the core subject matter, we needed to find a fun way to bring it to market with Veeam at the centre of the conversation.

We decided that a lighter, anecdotal approach would suit the material best with a sophisticated humour running throughout.

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The subject matter

In a fast paced environment so vulnerable to disruptions, failure and incidents, only the companies which make the shift to the ITIL frameworks from Reactive to Proactive will remain competitive

We needed an intro to ITIL and the fact that these practices must evolve to being more proactive.

After much research, we cited a the study from Forrester for actual statistics and added callouts and graphics to accompany the statistics to provide more visual interest.

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Thanks for all the great work MintTwist!

Tracey Swanson

Marketing Director






Views of the e-book


Email addresses collected


Words written

Wireframes turned into designs

The result


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