Creating an event with heart

Bringing kids joy and connection during a bleak period

The pandemic affected people globally in many ways. Kids were unable to meet and play with friends. The Strider Cup was an opportunity to provide kids with a sense of connectivity to the Strider community via a social media event.

Our aims were to:

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Drive Participation

Drive awareness of the event and encourage participation
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Community Management

Pre, during and after event response to the community
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User Generated Content

Collect strong UGC submissions for future content purposes
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Competition Liaison

Liaising entries and prizes

Developing strategic competition categories

Aiding social media goals

To take full advantage of the event, our social media team developed competition categories that would aid social media goals and remain open to any current or potential Strider customer. For instance, we requested the ‘Best Strider Trickster’ to generate more video content submissions and the ‘Greatest Strider Team Spirit’ to drive inter-community activity and open the competition up to those who didn’t yet own a Strider balance bike.

Managing an international digital event

The Strider virtual cup 2020 was carried out across the UK, Germany, Spain, France, and the Netherlands

Based on market and local Strider community sizes, MintTwist strategically allocated the social media promotions budget available and time resources between countries to spread awareness of the event taking place.

Selecting Strider representatives

Spreading awareness and forming a closer relationship with Strider's most active community

Strider ‘representatives’ were selected for each region in the event build-up. These were users who commented and shared UGC (user-generated content) most frequently. In addition to the prestigious title – which the kids loved! – Strider reps were presented with first-hand knowledge of the event details before anyone else. We then provided them with branded material to share the word with their own communities.

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Building the social media content calendar

Ahead of the event, MintTwist strategically built an event content calendar factoring localisation adaptations and consistent terms and conditions. We developed social media content to run before, during and after the event for full effect with placeholders to share the winning UGC submissions post-event.

Tailored boosting strategies ran before and during the event to attract both kids who did and did not already own Strider bikes, to engage the existing community, as well as look to expand it to new customers.

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Managing the community on the virtual event day

On the day of the virtual Strider Cup, the MintTwist team were on hand to monitor and respond to all messages. We collated entry submissions, marking their handles, category entry, and country origin for selecting winners post-event, and continue to factor the UGC submissions into Strider’s future content strategy.

How the event went:

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UGC submissions


Instagram impressions


Instagram engagements

The event was a huge success, and Strider received many thanks from grateful parents, able to provide a day of joy for their kids and feel connected to those around them.

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