Three different websites

Skytrax asked us to update their existing corporate research, awards and ratings sites to be more modern and responsive.

Each site presented its own challenges and requirements; from multilingual, to integrated search that needed to be lightning fast.

Skytrax wanted to update the look and feel of the website to better reflect the Skytrax brand as a reputable, tailored, modern company that is people orientated.


The Skytrax Ratings site is the primary source for seeing the ratings that Skytrax gives out. Ratings for one airline, airport or lounge the world over have an overall rating, but are reviewed and rated on up to 100 additional finer details.

The Skytrax Research site gives everyone an idea of who Skytrax are and why they are in a position to carry out the auditing and awards services that they lead the industry in doing. Multilingual functionality was essential for Skytrax’ large international audience.

The Skytrax Awards site shows the result of the annual Skytrax Awards ceremony. Current winners and previous winners over the past decade for varying categories are shown.

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Skytrax were keen to have a series of mobile, modern and clean websites with intuitive UX, UI that load fast and are Google compliant.

For several sites, there was also a requirement to include functionality to change the language and ask the user about their location or using their IP address to determine location. Several sites launched with Chinese and Spanish, with one now displaying and managing content in ten different languages.

Skytrax is a well known travel industry brand that carries a high level of authority and expertise when it comes to ratings and reviews of airlines, airports and lounges. Skytrax were keen to raise their presence online to the same high standards that they set for the air travel industry, differentiating themselves from the competition and clearly communicating the expertise and knowledge that they have.

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Planning and design

Initial stages of the project were spent analysing the current website, discussing requirements and major pain points at length, as well as collecting and reviewing feedback received from users.

MintTwist spent a lot of time working with Skytrax to create designs for each site that always showed the high standards of the Skytrax brand while creating unique and custom experiences for each individual site based on the requirements and the types of visitor.

Each site ended up with its own feel and distinct style, while maintaining a common Skytrax brand aspects.

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MintTwist helped us reinvent not just 1 but 3 websites! Great work team!

James Plaisted



All three of the Skytrax websites were built using WordPress. This gave Skytrax a huge amount of control over the content (across various languages) on the site and allowed for new ratings and data to be added regularly without incurring any further cost.

A custom theme was developed from scratch for each site with bespoke plugins for specific functionality being created.

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Individual review ratings


Different languages


Airlines reviewed

The result

MintTwist partnered with Skytrax again and again to create a suite of modern, manageable multilingual websites. Through relevant calls to action and clear site navigation methods, Skytrax presence online proudly reflects the standards of the brand.

The sites continue to grow with new content and effectively communicate brand values to a growing international audience.


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