The mission

Regent’s Place required a website that not only kept existing residents up-to-date, but one that would also attract new ones.

The new design for the website needed to reflect the fun yet professional atmosphere, as well as being easy to use.

They also needed a simple, easy-to-manage content management system (CMS) to maintain the website.

Case study image for Skimlinks
Case study image for Skimlinks

Fun and fresh

A key website design requirement was to work within the brand guidelines and convey the fun, funky nature of the estate. It also had to appeal to an audience that varied from media companies to banks.

Regent’s Place already had a bright and comprehensive colour palette, which the existing website was not taking advantage of. We used this colour palette to create a bold and stickier website. The design and tone of voice also reflects the friendly and relaxed atmosphere of the estate.

The new design is more engaging and shows off the activities, offers and opportunities available at Regent’s Place. It clearly positions the estate as a place to meet, eat, drink and spend time in.

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Responsive design

Skimlinks audience is frequently on the move, either in their office, around the estate or commuting. Being able to easily access information on the estate’s retailers, offers and events was important.

The website is fully responsive to give users the best possible experience on their phone, tablet or PC wherever they are. The mobile design allows users to quickly find what they need immediately and conveniently.

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I love the new website and we’ve seen a great response from our customers too! Amazing!

Debbie Gainsford

Senior Product Marketing Manager


A core offering of the estate are the events they host which range from food markets to salsa dancing.

Regent’s Place can manage all events through the CMS, and change the home page at their convenience to promote them.

Users can download calendar reminders and register for events in one click. This functionality allows Regent’s Place to keep events at the forefront and to maximise attendance.

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New users


Increase in session time

The results

Regular communication is key to maintaining the website’s visibility and informing residents of new developments. They can follow Regent’s Place on social media via Twitter and Facebook, as well as sign up for the regular newsletter to keep up to date with latest offers and news.

Regent’s Place can also add notifications to the website to quickly let residents know of any changes, e.g. when the deck chairs will go out!

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