Creaking at the seams

Sifcon International’s website had started to have a number of issues

So, they decided to look for a new website support agency in London to come on board to look after the existing ecommerce website system.

Working in close collaboration with Sifcon International IT team, MintTwist went through an extensive review of the existing architecture  planning and creative stage, addressing the problems with each of the website’s sections, and working out how best to rationalize and simplify the entire user journey.

The website is also an increasingly important sales and marketing tool for Sifcon International, so it was important that we pay close attention to the list if issues that had been raised to the IT department, and planned a road map of work that word address these in a timely manner.

Technical challenges

Sifcon International and MintTwist identified a number critical issues that needed addressing right off the bat

The first job for our Laravel Development Agency was to do a full code review of the existing website.  We needed to understand how the system had been put together and get it running on local machines. Once this was addressed, we could start to look at the highest priority issues.

As it turns out, the website was critically integrated with a number of 3rd party systems that controlled products, stock etc,  These systems in and of themselves were antiquated, so we hada situation of old code talking to old code.

It was clear that we were not going to be able to restructure anything very easily, so the path of least resistance, for now, was to work with what we had.

Case study image for Sifcon International

Building new technology

A key challenge for the Sifcon International site was integrating a series of branded microsites into the new system we were building for them.

After a full audit of the systems, the team were able to get to work integrating them, having defined a minimum viable product so that the site could go live with integration work ongoing, invisibly to the website visitors.

Taking a big-picture approach to the full customer journey helped us to highlight many opportunities for change with the site, allowing us to hugely improve the conversion rate and make the site easier to use and more pleasant for visitors.

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The team at MintTwist are super easy to work with, and I always felt like Sifcon International needs were being met and our expectations exceeded.

Hayley Martin

Marketing Director

And so…

We continue to work with the website on a weekly basis

Not only are we very happy with the work we’ve done with Sifcon International so far, but we’re excited to continue developing the website so that it may work harder for Sifcon International, now and in the future.

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