The mission

  • Create an experience that met the same expectations as the offline Shots brand to increase subscriber numbers and existing customer loyalty
  • Design a responsive website so subscribers have a seamless desktop and mobile experience
  • Support the brand’s “creative connections” by seamlessly linking video, editorial and the directory
  • Improve the navigation and layout to make the website more “sticky” and increase page views
  • Develop a flexible content management system (CMS) so Shots could easily update and manage the website
  • Integrate a third-party video management system

Case study image for Shots
Case study image for Shots

Digital consultation

Developing a larger and more complex website required in-depth consultation to draw up a comprehensive set of requirements, and select the right CMS and video platform.

We analysed systems and recommended that Shots opt for a bespoke CMS. We then created a requirements and technical specification to set the project scope to ensure the project would be delivered successfully.

Creating wireframes before design allowed us to maximise the engagement of each page, understand the user journeys and provide users with the most relevant content.

Case study image for Shots

Website design

Shots’ printed magazine had been rebranded to present a more modern and attractive image. We designed the website to incorporate the new brand elements, making the website consistent and unique.

The website has a responsive design so subscribers can easily view it on a mobile or tablet and manage their account on the go.

Case study image for Shots


We created a bespoke CMS to deliver a more flexible, easy-to-use system for Shots. This allowed them to run reports on subscriber data to manage subscriptions more effectively and use the data to improve service.

We also imported thousands of subscription records without any loss of data or service in the run-up to launch.

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The new web design is . a huge success. It’s exceedingly more responsive to use and better integrated with the mobile platform. Thanks a bunch!

Conor Dignam

Managing Director

Systems integration

With the Hybris platform performing a hefty amount of technical work, we ensured that the boundaries of the systems page structure were maintained when building the CSS and HTML.

A core deliverable was to ensure that the functionality of the Hybris platform was seamlessly integrated into the front end build with minimal amendments to the standard page templates which would allow us to deliver the whole project in an aggressive timeline.

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