Rosalind Wilson

Creating a stunning new look for Rosalind Wilson's online portfolio.

The Mission

Rosalind Wilson wanted to update the look and feel of their website to bring it in line with the progression of the business.

They needed a digital presence to give prospective customers a feel for the exceptional interior design work they carried out on a daily basis.

A design that allowed the work to do all the talking.


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Our brief was to create a website that would showcase Rosalind Wilson’s vast array of work in the best possible light.

We wanted to focus on three main areas:  Who we are, What we do, How we do it.

This led us to the well balanced homepage design you see today, with three equal sections split vertically.



A core objective was to ensure that the website was user friendly allowing users to navigate the content without having to think.

The website page structure was designed with this in mind, with no piece of content more than 3 clicks away.

As such, the portfolio pieces were built from the ground up with a custom widget designed to showcase the images for each project.





For the CMS we chose to work with WordPress, for easy content management.

A bespoke template was built for each page design with fully customisation content areas in the admin area.

Each section of the website has it’s own CMS area where content can be updated or amended at any time by the design team, who picked up the workings of the back-end system very quickly.



The result

We delivered a gorgeous looking website that elegantly displays the stunning work carried out by Rosalind Wilson and her team of expert designers.