REaD Group

REaD Group required a website that had more personality, was more relatable, and that displayed information in an easy-to-access manner.

About REaD Group

REaD Group offer data services such as data cleaning, data insights, and data management. Although data is not commonly associated with a fun, creative sector, REaD Group wanted to challenge this and build a website that was fun and quirky – and reflected the people-centric spirit of the company.

The Mission

REaD Group approached MintTwist in order to help them gain a fresh new website design which would increase the number of users and visits to their site.

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The Objective

The key goal was to organise information in a way that made it easy for users to find the info they need instantly, and encourage users to navigate more pages of the website.

Ultimately, we wanted to design a website that ensured that every user would have a very positive user experience, and leave the site knowing a lot more about REaD Group and the services they offer.



We wanted the new website to reflect our client – who are a friendly, warm, approachable company. We also wanted to take a subject that has historically been considered as “dry” and turn it into something fun and personable.

Ultimately, with every new website, we aim to build a site that will help the company achieve its business goals – which almost always consists of acquiring more leads & encouraging people to take specific actions on their website.

Going Live

The client was delighted to see a marked improvement in the number of sessions after the website went live: 6,261 vs. 4,195. This was an uplift of  49.25%.

There was also a 29.3 % increase in the users after the site went live vs. before: 4,454 vs 3,452. This also implies that the number of users who do visit the site are more likely to return after the site went live.

In addition, the number of page views increased by 348.79% (40,068 page views vs. 8,928) – this implies that those who are visiting the website are navigating significantly more pages now that the new website is live. In fact, the average pages/ session has increased by 200.70% (users used to visit 2.13 pages on average, now they visit 6.40 pages per average).


Our redesign has transformed the digital presence of REaD group and the client is delighted.