The challenge

Paro combine technology-driven efficiency with personal-touch experience to give expert talent and top-tier clientele the power to go beyond even their loftiest goals.

That’s why hundreds of the most elite finance and accounting professionals trust Paro to grow their business, and thousands of businesses across the US turn to Paro to solve core challenges faster. approached us to help them grow organic traffic and hit their KPIs in 2023.

Our solution

Conducted an SEO Audit

Initial audit discovered a few crawlability issues (301 redirects and 404 not found) and some duplicate content. We actioned fixes in the first month and completed all successfully. We also analysed major competitors to find out how well are they doing and to find if there are any content gaps that is missing. We found quite a few gaps and devised a content plan.

Tested Page Speed

Further, we thoroughly tested the website for speed and provided recommendations and implementation steps to improve website loading times.

Developed an SEO strategy focusing on select, relevant keywords

After conducting an extensive keywords research and agreeing on priority keywords that we should target in the first few months, we devised an SEO strategy with a detailed roadmap of tasks to be done to help Paro hit their KPIs.

Case study image for SEO

What we did

Existing content on Paro’s website was of good quality but missing a properly implemented internal linking strategy. We went in and implemented internal links across the website targeting our priority keywords. This helps search engines recognise the context of specific pages.

Many titles were also either too long or too short. We optimised those to recommended length and included our priority keywords where appropriate. Along with meta titles we found issues with body headings as well (H1). We optimised them, again targeting our priority keywords.

Case study image for SEO

The results

Currently we are progressing with month-on-month SEO work. We are in the first quarter of implementing our recommendations but we are already seeing a growth in rankings, with keywords that were not in the top 100 before our involvement moving up the search results.

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