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Nextbase is a market leader for smart Dash Cams in the UK, with a growing presence globally.

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Project overview

Nextbase approached us with a goal to improve the consistency of their feed, present themselves as thought-leaders of road safety, while developing a more engaged audience on their social profiles.

Despite already owning the vast majority of market share for the UK Dash Cam industry, Nextbase weren’t receiving the same results on their social pages. Our main challenge for this project was to create engaging content and providing value when their customers did not yet see a need or desire to stay connected with the brand.

Nextbase wide angle dash cam

Our Approach

Social media audit

The foundation of any of our successful social media strategies begins with a methodical social audit. Our audit process for Nextbase consisted of a profile and content audit, competitor and industry analysis, and audience analysis.

The audit showed a number of areas which could be improved across profiles:

  • Key information could be presented more clearly on pages to help direct users to take actions
  • Content was too heavily geared on product promotion which was unengaging to their audience groups
  • No hashtag strategy was in place, missing an opportunity to reach new users
  • The social shop could be populated to show their full range where only 1 product was visible
  • Various formats (particularly Instagram) were not yet being employed
  • Comments and direct messages were not being responded to in most cases
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Bespoke social media strategy

The output of the audit was a comprehensive social strategy which aids customers through their full journey. This was delivered primarily in 2 sections: profile optimisation recommendations and a bespoke content strategy.

To optimise the profile, we offered recommendations such as a restructuring of Facebook tabs, populating the social shop and adding Instagram highlight sections to provide useful information to users.

Secondly, we developed a bespoke content strategy finding the golden thread to achieve Nextbase’s goal by offering their audience the content they wanted to see, while taking learnings from the brand’s. competitor’s, and the industry’s previous social work. The final strategy included topics to post on, how to make use of various formats, post frequency and best times to post, and a full hashtag strategy.

blue purple image of a car driving

Unique Challenge

In addition to developing a social strategy and managing the brand’s monthly content, Nextbase also required help in their community management.

We embarked on this with tailored training sessions with the Nextbase team before taking ownership in responding to all direct messages, post comments, and social ad comments. We aim to provide exceptional customer service through accurate and appropriate response to all, which helps maintain positive brand perception and social sentiment.

Furthermore, we work closely with the Nextbase teams to offer recommendations across their product development, website, paid advertising, and support teams based on customer feedback.


Since the first phase of the project, we have been developing a consistent monthly content calendar following the insights from our social audit and strategy. The result of this has been greater impressions of posts leading to both higher engagement and traffic directed to the website.

(9 months working together vs 9 months prior – across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter)

+173% total impressions

+50% total engagement

+86% likes / reactions

+90% post link clicks

Users increasingly see the social pages as a place of both humorous and educational content which they gain value from seeing. Furthermore, the vast majority of customer queries are resolved directly on social with no need of moving to the website or contacting support teams.

And So…

We continue to work with Nextbase, managing their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages in terms of content planning and creation, day-to-day social media management, and community management. Experimentation remains a key factor for continuous strategy optimisation as we test new topics and formats with their audience. Our aim remains the same; to build on our existing successes, to continue to grow the Nextbase UK follower base while developing a more engaged audience.

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