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National Doughnut Week

Bakers from across the UK take part in National Doughnut Week raising money for The Children’s Trust.

We built the National Doughnut Week website for the charity as our contribution to their good work.

The mission

  • To develop a new look and feel for the National Doughnut Week
  • Increase usability and readability of the site
  • Support the charity’s mission to increase awareness

Charity focus

Every year we work with The Children’s Trust on their National Doughnut Week website. We recently offered to design and build a new website for free to support the charity’s fantastic work.

The charity wanted a clean and simple site which offered the participating bakeries a chance to download information on how to participate and also to create a strong look and feel for the campaign.

Encourage participation

National Doughnut Week is a key focal point for the charity to raise money and create awareness. We wanted to create a website that was engaging, easy to share and could spread the word.

Many thanks for your kind help and support for NDW over the years. The website has never looked better and we look forward to many more years to come.
Christopher FreemanFounder of NDW

Live data integration

We created a system that integrates the website with the live registration of bakeries around the country, allowing a user to Find a Bakery nearest them that is taking part in National Doughnut week

The website also feeds any new signups through the website directly to the warehouse which will dispatch the welcome pack, POS kit and a free pack of flour.


Registered bakers across the UK


Money raised so far


Wireframes turned into designs


Increase in new visitors to the website

The result

We created a fun new website that captures the spirit of the Charity week.

With the new features added this time around, we can see that all the core metrics are improved, pages per visit, time on site, bounce rate and organic traffic.

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