Nahdi Medical

Bringing a market leading e-commerce website platform to Saudi Arabia

The mission

With bold expansion plans over the next 3 years, Nahdi are aiming to grow their number of stores from 1,200 to 1,800.

The aim is to dominate the online retail pharmacy space and to introduce e-prescriptions to their offering.

This website project, built on the Oracle OCP platform, was to sit at the heart of the growth plans.

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Forging a new path

We worked closely with the marketing team in Saudi Arabia to understand both what the business objectives were for the new website and what the market expected from an e-commerce platform.

We then used best practice in the online retail space to produce a set of wire frames that detailed the core user journeys whilst complying the the structure of the Oracle OCP platform, which was the e-commerce platform of choice for the project.


In line with the new website project, the brand was undergoing a minor revamp.  With early access to the output of this internal brand design process, we incorporated the new brand ethos into the website designs.

The process was a huge success as we immediately captured the brand sentiment in the new designs.  With quick approval coming back from the board, we rolled out the new website designs across the dozens of internal page layouts, as well as revisiting other digital assets including advertising banners and email templates.

Integrating with Oracle OCP

With the Oracle OCP platform doing all the heavy lifting from a technical perspective, we needed to ensure that we stayed within the confines of the systems page structure when building the HTML and CSS.

As this was the first roll out of the OCP platform in an Arabic character set, we worked closely with Oracle to ensure that all teething issues were resolved prior to the UAT phase of the project.


The result is a fantastic new platform for a wonderful brand, one in which others are looking to as the market leading website in the retail space in Saudi Arabia.