Taking charge of the social media strategy

With a focus on delivering real outcomes, LivePerson’s mission is to create personalised digital experiences that make life easier by transforming who, what, why and where people communicate with brands.

Alongside general day-to-day social media management of their platforms, LivePerson tasked the MintTwist team with helping them organise and optimise their social media approach for the launch of their new, Curiously Human™ AI advancements.

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Assisting and amplifying a successful product launch

During this important launch period for their Curiously Human™ AI advancements, we created an hour-by-hour content plan to ensure smooth running and therefore a successful launch on social. As content was created for this plan, we also provided guidance to the internal design team at LivePerson on how to edit and optimise promotional videos, for the best results across social media platforms.

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Strategising a new approach

As a brand, they had struggled to understand what content their audience responds to best and experienced difficulty offering a variety of topics and formats, all whilst maintaining regular posting.

Therefore, following the successful launch in February, we continued to work with LivePerson in developing an ongoing content strategy for social media. By looking at a variety of different approaches, including detailed competitor and industry analysis, we began to explore how they position themselves as an industry leader on social media within AI conversations around the world.


Average monthly follower growth across all platforms


Content impressions on Linkedin


YoY follower growth on Linkedin


Content engagement on Linkedin

As a result of the current work carried out for LivePerson, we have seen growth across all profiles. Our team have successfully achieved a 40% increase in followers from June 2021 to June 2022 for their lead platform LinkedIn and consistently see content engagement rates of 4% or higher monthly across all platforms.

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