A social strategy for an infamous global pizza brand

Unlike most large UK pizza chains, Little Caesars focus on offering the best value pizzas which are also freshly prepared and ready for customers to grab and go.

MintTwist was tasked with shaping the digital strategy to launch Little Caesars into the UK and build their social channels from the ground up, including to plan, execute, and report on social media efforts across Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.

Our aims were to:

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Understand the UK Audience

Adapt brand practices from other regions to fit the needs of the UK consumer
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Grow Following and Engagement

Construct a social strategy geared for brand growth
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Craft Localized Content

Shoot content at physical stores for content to resonate with Brits
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Build a Community

Position Little Caesars as Brits favourite new neighbour

Uncovering insights on the UK pizza market

As a globally recognised brand, the Little Caesars team were no strangers to tackling new markets. But, they needed help in understanding the differences in the UK consumers.

We ran a series of audience analysis reports to construct a picture of Little Caesars’ likely UK audience. This included looking into customers of existing pizza takeaway brands, fast food brands with similar business models, and the audience of Little Caesars in existing markets.

Our social media team provided key insights, including the audience’s most used social channels, most active times online, personality traits and consequent messaging direction that would address their needs, and, arguably most importantly, their top purchase decision factors.

All of which are pivotal in building a social media and broader marketing strategy. 

Developing a bespoke social media strategy

Focusing on visual and community-led channels, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.

We compiled a launch social media strategy to introduce the Little Caesars brand and USPs and entice the Derbyshire community, where the first store opened.

Our longer-term content strategy then pivoted to more entertaining and trend-led topics with the aim of reaching the broader UK market and driving excitement for upcoming store launches in a town near them soon.  We also prioritised encouraging social sharing via user-generated content (UGC), competitions and giveaways, a pivotal factor in achieving success.

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Production & content creation

Photography-led, authentic content is not prioritised in all regions for the brand but is vital to better resonate with the UK audience. 

Our team carefully plans shoots ahead of time and liaises with staff in-store.

We aim for a mixture of event-specific, trend-led, and evergreen content at every shoot to maximise output.

To accompany production, MintTwist also executes all graphic design content needs, be it promotional posts pushing their great value or crafting reactive memes.  

How's it going?

In the first 6 months since launching the profiles, we have generated:

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Social posts



The social media profiles continue to grow at a rapid rate. We are excited to see how the Little Caesars brand will grow in the coming years with multiple store launches and large-scale campaigns already in the works. Stay tuned! 

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