Creating a new digital look for Kaba.

The mission

We worked with Kaba in London and Switzerland to redesign their corporate website. We also advised on writing content and digital marketing strategies.

Kaba approached MintTwist to overhaul the digital design and user experience of their multi-lingual corporate website, kaba.com. The existing website did not reflect their reputation as a premium security supplier.

The new design needed to be modern, attractive and:

Our initial consultancy reviewed the requirements and outlined a suggested approach to the project:

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Creating a new foundation

The first phase of the project concentrated on planning the website’s architecture and creating extensive wire frames to ensure all aspects of the user journey were covered.

A key objective was to make the website more interactive for users and create more opportunities for them to connect with Kaba so social media links, RSS feeds and their newsletter content were made more prominent. The wire frames also outlined a clearer navigation and actions for users.





A new look

Using Kaba’s brand guidelines, we created three potential designs for the website. Employees were invited to vote for their preferred design in a simple voting online system that we set up.

The final design selected demonstrated Kaba’s professionalism, progressive nature and stood out from its competitors.

The final stage of the project was delivering the fully-coded website for the chosen design. We worked closely with Kaba’s internal development house to produce this while they integrated the CMS.

Digital marketing strategies

During the redesign project, we also worked with Kaba to share our digital marketing knowledge.

We created a social media and online marketing guide, which gave a comprehensive overview of how different social media websites and web marketing techniques could be used to enhance the company’s reputation and drive more traffic to their website.

As the new website would create a better platform for Kaba to reach customers, writing better content for the website was an important component of their future strategy. We created a short guide on how engaging content can be created.