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Virtually Healthcare

Virtually was launched as part of a new digital initiative in the NHS, with the aim of getting more patients to access services online, from the comfort of their chosen surroundings.

Our objective was to create a digitally-led marketing strategy to create awareness
about the Virtually product and app, but mainly to generate registrations to this online
GP service.

Our Strategy

Starting small and strategically expanding
As this product was brand new with no historical data accessible to us, we decided to
adopt a more cautious approach by starting in a focused way by exclusively spending ad
budget on the most conversion-focused channels. We started with Google ads while
bidding on the highest priority keywords. We then slowly increased our keyword list,
expanding our campaigns and ad group, and tapping into other channels.

6-months in, we now have a fully integrated campaign which runs across the below

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Google Search
  • Display advertising
  • Gmail ads
  • App (App Store/Play Store campaigns)
  • … etc

Using campaign data and research for product development

Campaign performance and KPIs are a big focal point of our campaign and areespecially important to our client and the business needs.

We have developed real-time dashboards with custom data fields that specially highlight ROI, CPA, impression share, and all other relevant metrics for our client.

With the data and learnings that we have been extracting, we are able to share
consumer related insights and behaviours with our client which are in turn used for

product development. Virtually is leveraging the marketing research and data to grow
and improve the product offering and user interface.
Our real-time dashboard data is accompanied by fortnightly data reports, monthly
insights reports and quarterly business reviews.

I’m overjoyed by the work MintTwist have done for us! Both patients and practioners agree the project was a huge success!
Milan KoyaCOO


The final product is a fast and responsive site, built on cutting-edge technology with due thought and diligence paid to the user experience, user trust and the high technology standards of NHS Digital.

The Health Online product does an excellent job proving the concept of digital NHS services, as well as provides the starting point for a series of communities built around the everyday health issues and concerns facing NHS patients.

As a result of the successful project, MintTwist and Health Online have embarked on a series of ongoing project updates to ensure the product remains relevant and modern and continues to meet the needs of both patients and clinicians.


Lower cost per registration (than Virtually’s target(


Percentage of total sign-ups generated from MintTwist campaigns


Percentage of totally users generated from MintTwist campaigns


Average campaign click-through rate

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