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Virtually was launched as part of a new digital initiative in the NHS, with the aim of getting more patients to access services online, from the comfort of their chosen surroundings.

We launched a new digital initiative for the NHS allowing patients to consults doctors online.

The mission

Virtually awarded MintTwist the task of building a healthcare consultancy system for NHS practitioners and their patients.

Virtually, as a startup, required MintTwist to not only design a flawless user experience but also to build technology from scratch to the highest standards as set by the NHS. The website needed to perform from both a UX point of view and a marketing point of view, with conversion and optimisation a key component in the project.

Patients needed to feel at home consulting with their GP online via live video or point-to-point messaging, and NHS practitioners needed to gain efficiencies and practical savings from the system. Both patients and practitioners also needed the ability to discuss openly in a forum-style environment about healthcare issues affecting them, with robust safeguards and moderation in place.


  • Design and build a brand new system to benefit both patients and NHS clinicians
  • Ensure the site builds enough trust to encourage patients to use the site over burdening physical NHS services
  • Create a site that provides efficiencies and practical savings for clinicians
  • Build a community for patients to discuss openly their NHS services, with robust management and moderation
  • Privacy and security to feature throughout


The most important thing when creating this project was trust: patients needed to feel comfortable accessing this system as they would with a visit to a standard physical NHS service. It was also important to get buy-in from NHS clinicians by providing a system that creates efficiencies and practical savings.

We embarked on a series of workshops, both with the clinicians at Health Online and with clinicians in the wider NHS. We identified their needs as well as those of patients to create a plan for the project. The aim was to get a site up as quickly as possible to begin marketing the product to clinicians, whilst we continued the bulk of the technology build in the background.

I’m overjoyed by the work MintTwist have done for us! Both patients and practioners agreethe project was a huge success!
Milan KoyaCOO



and Here


Web visitors in the first month


Overall satisfaction from practitioners


Average level of trust from patients using the platform


Increase in the average number of patients able to get advice per day

The result

The final product is a fast and responsive site, built on cutting-edge technology with due thought and diligence paid to the user experience, user trust and the high technology standards of NHS Digital.

The Health Online product does an excellent job proving the concept of digital NHS services, as well as provides the starting point for a series of communities built around the everyday health issues and concerns facing NHS patients.

As a result of the successful project, MintTwist and Health Online have embarked on a series of ongoing project updates to ensure the product remains relevant and modern and continues to meet the needs of both patients and clinicians.

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