Garden Essentials

Website redesign/development, SEO and content strategy

The mission

Garden Essentials is a UK based gardening company that offers respected high street gardening brands at very competitive prices to fulfil the needs of both professional and amateur gardeners.

Garden Essentials asked us to help them create a website that would showcase their products and branding, improve online shopping experience, and a personal data system that would make data easy for the company to analyse.

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Strategy and Design

During this project our main objective was to come up with a strategy that would get the customers to the products with as few of clicks as possible.

To do so, we edited the navigation process, improved the back-end development of the site, incorporated industry standard e-commerce modules, created an account system for customers and designed a dynamic search system.



Our next objective was to improve branding, provide content to showcase their products and increase the number of sales.

To accomplish this, we developed a website with a front-end design that would maximise the conversion rate, attract a widespread target audience varying from families and novice gardeners to professionals, and designed a filter system for their products.




The final objective was to build a bespoke CMS that was up to industry standards  and featured open source technology to insure scalability and easy management. For the CMS we focused on incorporating page and imagery management and news, blog and content distribution. We also designed a database that would allow the company to manage and export data regarding products, customers and orders details, deliveries, stocks and sales.