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Positioning Excelian at the forefront of their industry.

The mission

Excelian’s website was out of date, lacked impact and did not demonstrate the knowledge, skill and thought leadership within the company. Excelian felt they could be getting more from digital and improve their online presence.

They asked us to:


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A new digital look

A core goal for the new website was for it to have a bold and distinctive creative web design. The new design stands out from their competitors, and leaves a more memorable impression.

This visual identity has been rolled out to other branded materials such as PowerPoint and white paper templates. We have also redesigned and rewritten the content for their corporate brochure.

Digital marketing strategy

Site structure was recreated to improve how services linked to each other, as well as clarifying all the services Excelian offers and the key issues that they can help with. We created all the content for the website, interviewing key Excelian people to understand the business and create cohesive content.

All white papers on the website require registration or log-in. Excelian are alerted to downloads so their sales team can follow-up on leads. Additional sales material has been created including an interactive customer value proposition, “We are Excelian”.

We are now working with Excelian to create a 12-month digital marketing strategy and campaign to support their future business development activities.

Creating content

Central to Excelian’s improved organic search traffic and conversion rates is the creation of engaging content.

This includes creating a range of visual content such as infographics, SlideShare presentations and video, as well as blog articles and white papers.

The popularity of this content has seen blog visits increase by 300% and white paper downloads improve by 50%.