The mission

Our objective was simple; to increase the number of platform registered users in quantity, but mainly focusing on the quality of those new users. 

Discover.Film is changing the world of entertainment by making the exciting genre of short film mainstream.  The platform can be accessed online or through a downloadable app. It has viewers in over 180 countries, most of which we target in our campaigns.


Our strategy

Channel selection and campaign planning

The approach of our PPC agency was to start small and slowly build up the channels, campaigns, and ad variations. To begin with, we focused on the high-conversion driving channels such as Google Ads and social ads on Facebook.

The campaigns were regularly optimised and amended to reduce CPA and increase the number of registrations to the platform. We slowly started introducing new channels and tactics such as Google display advertising, Twitter, and app store ads while monitoring the overall CPA and registrations. As soon as we saw that some channels or campaign had high costs with small results, we would reallocate spend accordingly to ensure CPA was as low as possible, generating the highest possible conversions.

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Crafting a creative campaign

Here are the main campaigns that we ran:

  • Location campaigns: Due to the many countries within the target audience for this platform, we decided to group the locations based on the general quality of the users we tend to see within specific countries. This allows us to have more control over the budget, lower the CPAs, and customise the ad content to the audience at hand.
  • Weekly traffic and views campaigns: These campaigns have a primary purpose of increasing viewership of certain videos, creating awareness of the platform, and increasing engagement on the ads. Every week, we refresh the creative and share a new short film which we can link to current topics or holidays.
  • Remarketing campaign: Although the content of the platform is very engaging and free, it may require multiple touch points for views to register to the platform, and to remain active. The remarketing campaign aims to keep new prospective users hot, and encourage them to keep watching, and sign-up to the platform if they haven’t already.

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MintTwist have been great to work with; they understood our organisation’s objectives and helped us to build a solid digital strategy based on this. The success of our digital campaigns have improved enormously as a result.

Steve Harmston


Innovative approach

In conjunction with the conversion-driving campaigns, we always suggested new innovative approaches to test and drive more traffic and engagement. Some of the recommendations that we have suggested include:

  • Weather ads: Targeting users when the weather is cold and rainy or very hot in certain countries.
  • Memes: Creating memes from some of the short films they stream, which encourage engagement and shares.
  • Monthly watch-lists

The results

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Increase in platform sign up


In CPA (cost per sign up)


Average channel CTR

The results of our campaigns and innovative approaches have seen 5.9 million channel video views for Discover.Film while dropping their CPA by 48%. Furthermore, their average channel CTR was 6%, above the average, and we helped increase the number of channel sign ups by 115%, year-on-year.

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