Credit Suisse Zurich

Credit Suisse

Powering internal teams with insightful and actionable data

The client

Credit Suisse Group are a leading financial services company, advising clients in all aspects of finance, across the globe. As an integrated global bank, Credit Suisse provides its clients with investment banking, private banking and asset management services worldwide.

The mission

Credit Suisse were keen to innovate in a traditional marketplace.  We worked alongside the trading floor to create a bespoke data platform to power the both sales team and the trading desks.

Utilising a decade of sector knowledge, we were able to create a tool that provided real time data from trusted sources and allowed the teams on the ground to assess, compile, comment and report all in one place – saving time and effort.

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Consultations in Zurich

Several sessions were scheduled for our team over a few days at the Credit Suisse headquarters in Zurich. We met with various members of the trading and sales teams to find out exactly what issues existed within the current workflows.

Both the one-on-one and group sessions proved invaluable and it was clear that there were multiple, diverse objectives that the project needed to achieve in order to be considered successful by all of the relevant stakeholders.

User journeys

Core user journeys were created for each of the priority sets of internal users.

From here we were able to outline the critical functionality that would support the user experience that would make the tool an integral part of every day working life on the trading floors of the bank.






Once we had the core functionality listed out for each page on the website, we were able to create clickable wireframes to rapidly prototype.

This was then presented to the client to assess and feed back on before we applied a skin to the designs.




The Result

The final product was a tool that was quickly embraced by multiple internal teams across research, sales and trading.

The business was able to track productivity and revenue as a direct result of the digital marketing work that we delivered.