The challenge

CQF wanted to compete on search engines for commercial/transactional keywords and informational keywords. The CQF course is a Quant Finance Masters alternative and would therefore have to compete with many universities which is difficult because they always rank top on search results.

CQF must compete against well-known universities and popular course providers which have strong domain authority and are already known in the market. To compete with these top websites, we had to ensure the CQF content, website and Domain Rating was better than the top landing pages. This is not easy and is a constant battle with high ranking websites on a weekly basis.

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Our solution

The CQF is global, and the SEO strategy had to reflect that by ensuring the content was written for a global audience. Keyword research was conducted on a global scale, and we optimised with the highest search volume being priority.

We produced fresh content for transactional/commercial keywords and informational keywords so that CQF would have a larger online presence for anything quant finance related.

The backlinks/online PR also had to have global presence but importantly had to have a significantly high Domain Rating (DR) from authoritative sources, as CQF had to compete with many well-established universities and course providers.

With traffic coming in from across the world we had to ensure the CQF website was fit to load and serve users globally, on any device. Our technical audit displayed issues and areas of improvement, as well as the steps to take to tackle those.

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The results

Besides pushing most of CQF’s main keywords on page 1 of search engines, here are some of the gains we have achieved over the year:

  • Website Sessions increased +15% YoY
  • Website Users increased +17% YoY
  • Goals increased +44% YoY
  • Conversion Rate increased +26% YoY
  • Google Clicks increased by +16% YoY
  • Google Impressions increased +18% YoY

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The CQF managed to get ahead of several major universities on search results pages.

Moving forward, we aim to continue growing CQF’s competing keywords and push current keywords higher on search result pages. CQF’s organic traffic continues to grow month on month.

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The team at MintTwist have been a joy to work with. They produced a solid approach to help address our immediate SEO priorities and were there to guide us through both our understanding of some of the more complicated SEO principles, as well as implementing the recommended changes. They were and continue to be on hand whenever needed to dive deeper into certain elements of the strategy and are flexible in accommodating our specific ways of working.

Nicola Vandermeer

Head of Regional Content Marketing
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